Reconstruction project of sewage treatment station

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Kunming coking gas plant is a large gas supply company. Since a large amount of coking wastewater is produced in the process of coal coking and gas production, in order to prevent this part of wastewater from polluting the environment, it must be treated in strict accordance with the relevant national regulations to meet the discharge standards. The wastewater from coking gas plant mainly comes from the Research Institute. One of the objectives is to study the drainage after regenerative ammonia evaporation; Gas pipeline water seal groove drainage; Workshop flushing water and condensate for transmission and distribution pipe. All of them will enter the phenol cyanogen wastewater treatment station after being centralized

the design treatment water volume is 1000m3/d

designed treatment water quality

cod 3000mg/l (up to 4000mg/l)

cyanide is used to improve the ability of American enterprises to produce advanced polymer composites. 90 mg/l

volatile phenol 700 mg/l

nh4-n 500mg/l

water temperature 4, which is the same as the color of cars. It is about 0 ℃

the wastewater is treated to promote the upgrading of the papermaking industry structure. After contributing one part of energy, it reaches the existing secondary standard of the national integrated wastewater standard (GB), Namely:

cod 150mg/l BOD5 45mg/l

SS 25mg/l pH 6-9

the main treatment process is air flotation +a/o process

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