Reconstruction of road lamps in Shangfeng Industri

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Entrusted by Nanjing Tangshan Hot Spring Tourism Resort Management Committee (unit name, hereinafter referred to as ""), Nanjing Jiangning branch of Nanjing Public Resources Trading Center (hereinafter referred to as the "procurement center") conducted domestic public bidding for Tangshan street factory and Shangfeng industrial park road lamp reconstruction (project name), Relevant matters are announced as follows:

1. project overview

Project Number: jnzc-201 they hope to adopt their own "correction" 8276

Project Name: Tangshan street factory, Shangfeng Industrial Park street lamp reconstruction

bidding project purpose, quantity, brief technical requirements, etc.: see the bidding document for details

procurement project budget: ¥ 5000000.00 yuan (unit: RMB)

2 Qualification requirements of the bidder

2.1 conditions stipulated in the people's Republic of China:

(1) have the ability to independently undertake civil affairs (provide the business license of legal person or other organization, and the ID card of natural person)

(2) have good business reputation and sound financial and accounting system (provide accounting statements before participating in this activity)

(3) have the equipment and professional technical ability necessary for the performance of the contract (provide the statement and supporting materials of the equipment and professional technical ability necessary for the performance of the contract according to the needs of the project)

(4) have a good record of paying taxes and social security funds according to law (provide relevant materials of paying taxes and social security funds according to law within one year (at least one month) before participating in this government procurement activity)

(5) within three years before participating in the government procurement activities, there is no written statement in the business activities (provide the written statement not in the business activities within three years before participating in the government procurement activities) (see the attachment below for the format)

(6) other conditions stipulated by laws and administrative regulations (provide necessary licensing and qualification certificates for project implementation): none

2.2 specific conditions specified according to the special requirements of the procurement project:


2.3 the following suppliers are refused to participate in this procurement activity:

(1) if the head of the supplier unit is the same person or different suppliers with direct holding and management relationship, they shall not participate in government procurement activities under the same contract

(2) suppliers who provide overall design, specification preparation, project management, supervision, testing and other services for the procurement project shall not participate in the procurement activities of the project

(3) the supplier is approved by the "creditchina" website (, "the service can be said to be basically configured in China“">" () included in the list of dishonest Executees, the parties to major tax violations, and the list of records of serious violations of law and dishonesty in government procurement

3. The acquisition of bidding documents

from now on to the deadline for bidding, free download from Nanjing municipal government procurement () and Nanjing Public Resources Trading Center ()

4. Submission of bidding documents

start time of bidding: 09:30:00

deadline for bidding and time of bid opening: 14:00:00

login address of bidding:

5 The media that issued the announcement

was at the same time in Nanjing government procurement and Nanjing public resources trading center

6 Other

6.1 suppliers should log in to the user platform of Nanjing Public Resources Trading Center for registration, otherwise, it will affect the release (registration address:)

6.2 for the technical and demand problems of the procurement project, please consult the project contact person

6.3 if the supplier believes that the procurement documents, procurement process and bid winning results have damaged his legitimate rights and interests, he can log in to the government procurement trading system with Ca lock within seven working days from the reliable date of knowing or should know that his rights and interests have been damaged, enter the "I want to question" column, and complete the challenge submission and reply check according to the system prompts

6.4 the date of expiration of the announcement period of this procurement document is the fifth working day from the date of announcement of the bidding document (subject to Nanjing municipal government procurement, address:)

6.5 site visit or Q & A: see the bidding document

6.6 attachment: bidding document (free download)

7 Contact information

7.1 information

purchase unit name: Nanjing Tangshan Hot Spring Tourism Resort Management Committee

contact name: Chen Dongmei

purchase project contact person:

purchase unit address: No. 18, Tangshan Avenue, Tangshan street

7.2 institutional letter several times after committing crimes

address: 4/F, District B, citizen center, No. 2, yangjiawei Road, Jiangning District

purchase document preparer Name: Ma Zhirong

procurement document compilation Contact person:

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