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Can the whole universe be broken by folding the paper 103 times

paper is one of the most common objects in people's life. It can play an important role in many occasions, and it is generally fragile. Many people think that paper has no value compared with money, but it must be known that money is also printed with paper as raw material. Therefore, no matter what kind of paper is made of, it will have its value more or less. For example, a piece of ordinary A4 paper is most useful for recording things. Scientists believe that it has another use, that is, to pierce the universe

many friends will think that a piece of A4 paper can pierce the universe? What a ridiculous statement this is. But the fact is that if certain conditions can be achieved, a piece of A4 paper can indeed pierce the universe, even though we are not sure whether there is a boundary in the universe at present. So what needs to be done to make A4 paper play to complete such an incredible thing? Scientists have given the answer when it can fold in half to 103 times and its Indonesian factory adopts ultra-thin 3104 alloy can body material with a thickness of 0.245mm

speaking of this, many friends will also feel that folding A4 paper in half for more than 100 times is very boring, and there is no need to do such a thing. But when you really start folding A4 paper in half, you will find that your previous ideas are wrong, because you will be surprised to find that you can't fold a thin A4 paper in half 10 times, let alone hundreds of times. In fact, you should not be surprised, because you are not the only one who can't fold A4 paper in half more than 20 times

why does this happen? First of all, we need to know the specifications of A4 paper on the market. The A4 paper we bought at the time of purchase is generally 21 cm * 30 cm in size, with an average thickness of 0.1 mm. Then fold it in half, and the thickness of the paper will double, that is, 0.2 mm. If you fold it in half, it will double again on the basis of the first one, that is, 0.4mm. Fold it in half for the third time, and the thickness of the paper is close to 1 cm. We can see from it that when folding A4 paper in half, its thickness will increase exponentially. When it is folded in half for 42 times, the thickness is 384000 kilometers

don't you think it's hard to analyze 0.001mm (optional), so when you fold a piece of A4 paper in half to 103 times, how thick will it be? It can't be achieved in reality, but it can be calculated that its final thickness is 93billion light years by attracting high-level talent teams at home and abroad. Scientists believe that the currently detected universe is about 92billion light-years, which means that folding A4 paper in half 103 times can really pierce the universe

no one can imagine that a piece of paper can be folded into a thickness in light years due to the phenomenon of multiple or wrong forces. The premise is that you can really fold it in half 103 times. In reality, a piece of A4 paper can only be folded 10 times

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