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Paper cup packaging can also be ever-changing

Japan has launched a delicious small cake made of seaweed paper cup packaging, so that people can enjoy delicious food without worrying about damaging the environment

it is understood that general cupcakes are packed with paper or plastic to ensure the sweetness and taste of the cake intact. However, when people enjoy the delicious cake, there is no doubt that the garbage left is destroying the environment. The small cake wrapped in paper cups made of seaweed looks quite ordinary. In fact, the outer package of this small cake is made of seaweed, which not only has no negative impact on the environment, but also can be eaten by people


smashcup is an environmental friendly cup that can be folded and reused. The cup is about 12.7 cm high before folding and can hold 340 ml of beverage. When you tap the cup on the table, the cup body can generally output these eight methods that will shrink to confirm the price of Jinan experimental machine. There are many cup covers. At this time, the height is only 4.4 cm, which is convenient for users to carry around. Because the cup cover has leak proof characteristics, when you want to open the cup cover, you can rotate it by 180 degrees. After tightening, you don't need to worry about the leakage of drinks. If you want to recover the cup, just pull it open directly to stretch it

the cup is composed of plastic and silicone, which can repeatedly measure the shear yield limit and shear strength limit of the data. Besides being used, the material is also suitable for different temperatures, so it can be cold or hot. Smashcup currently has five colors to choose from, including green, red, blue, pink and orange, while the plastic cup cover is available in white and dark gray, with a minimum price of $12

quick temperature changing cup

the quick temperature changing cup may give you the most suitable temperature. Pour 100 ℃ boiling water into the cup, shake it (about 1 minute), and it can quickly reach about 55 ℃. You don't need to wait for it to be used immediately, and of course, it can keep warm for about 3 hours; If (the first cup) of boiled water is drunk, the second cup of cold water is injected into the cup. Shaking it can also quickly heat up to about 55 ℃

heat conduction principle: a micron level heat transfer material is stored in the food grade stainless steel interlayer, and reversible solid-liquid conversion will occur with the change of temperature. When the water temperature is higher than 55 ℃, it can quickly transfer heat to the cup wall and store it, so that the water temperature drops to about 55 degrees; When the water temperature is lower than 55 ℃, the material will slowly release heat from February 2014 to July 2015. The heat transfer material is a pure physical phase change environmental protection material, with fast heat conduction speed and high heat storage efficiency

cups, as an inseparable part of life, are being played more and more

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