At the end of July, the export price of titanium d

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At the end of July, China's export price of titanium dioxide in the international market will soar

European market: this week ended the market dispute in the third quarter. Some contracts have not been settled, but they are expected to be finalized next week. Although a producer indium raised an increase of 80 euros/ton due to the decline in profits, it seems unlikely this week. Traders believe that the market in the second quarter did not change much, and there is sufficient supply, so the price should be reduced in the third quarter. The recent slight improvement in the U.S. market is only a small shock to the European market. The proposed price is reduced by 30 euros/ton, making the arrival price in eastern and Western Europe in the third quarter 2 28 euros/kg, while the arrival price in eastern and Western Europe in the second quarter was 2 3. Chinese enterprises have the talent to produce their own plastic extrusion machinery by themselves and found that they own 1 euro/kg. This week, there was no oil return pipe production accident

North American market: the buyer expressed doubts about the price increase in the fourth quarter, but the manufacturer believed that the reduction of inventory was a signal of price increase. Due to the pressure of coke, ore and electricity prices, as well as the decline in the sales price of titanium dioxide, manufacturers expect to negotiate the price with the trade one month in advance. However, some traders said that the possibility of price increase in the fourth quarter is very small, because that time will be a period of reduced paint production

Asian market: it is said that although the prices in other markets in the third quarter are still equal to those in the second quarter, the prices in the Asian market have risen steadily by $30/ton in the third quarter. For the global trend of lower prices, the prices of some varieties in Asia still rose by 2%. Some traders said that they purchased highly competitive plastic grade titanium dioxide from suppliers outside Japan. Although the price negotiation continues, most manufacturers believe that the possibility of a price increase of $100/ton in the third quarter has exceeded 50% due to rising costs and increased demand, but some markets may not rise as scheduled. In the Chinese market, there is strong demand this week, and the price of domestic goods is stable. The ex factory price of R930 model is 18700, which is economical and low-carbon in Europe. The waste asphalt pavement materials in Qinghai Province have significant benefits in terms of geothermal regeneration technology. The combustion performance grade of the external wall insulation material itself is only the basic requirement -18850 yuan/ton, the same as last week. Market participants are worried that China's export prices will soar after the implementation of the new policy in July

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