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Paper bursting tester is the most popular instrument

paper bursting tester HD instrument introduction:

the rupture machine is an international universal Mullen instrument, which is widely used in packaging materials, mainly for measuring various paperboards and single-layer and multi-layer corrugated paperboards, and also for testing the bursting strength of non paper materials such as silk, cotton cloth, etc. As long as the material is put in, that is, automatic detection and automatic test in the past 10 years. 4. There is no corrosive medium around; Automatic oil pressure return, automatic calculation, storage and printing of test data. The instrument uses digital display and can automatically print test results and data processing

design standard: J "the certification of materials and the technical service ability of material suppliers are also the utilization requirements of engineering materials. Is-l1004, l1018, l1031, k6328, P data processing 8131, p8112, astm-d2210, TAPPI T403, ISO, gb/t1539

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