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Paper cement packaging bags have a strong development momentum

in recent years, vestolit manufactures PVC paste resins for the protection of floors, wallpapers and car chassis. With the national attention to environmental protection issues, cement packaging bags made of paper or recycled paper have a strong development momentum

paper cement packaging bags have many advantages: easy to print, easy to stack, good air permeability, easy to fill, especially the paste bottom paper bag has less ash leakage, which can reduce environmental pollution; The waste after packaging is easy to be recycled and recycled to produce Kraft linerboard, paper bag paper, etc. Renewable resources such as artificial forests, secondary forests, forestry processing residues and waste paper can be used in the production of paper bag paper. But there are also shortcomings, that is, the cost is high. Ordinary paper bags have slightly lower firmness and higher bag breaking rate, especially machine-made suture bags

over the years, in order to improve the market competitiveness of paper cement bags, paper enterprises have adopted a large number of new technologies and materials. Various paper additives. In 2010, intermediates and high-performance plastic raw materials accounted for 63% of the sales share. Additives, such as water repellents, flame retardants, reinforcers, etc., were widely used, which greatly improved the performance of paper cement bags, and the varieties also developed rapidly. From the beginning, a single 80g/m2, Today, there are 70g/m2, 75s/m2, 80g/m2 paper bag paper (suitable for three-layer paper bags) and 105g/m high-strength stretch paper bag paper (two-layer bag making) and other products that have made efforts to promote the development of the industry

users can choose the most suitable paper cement packaging bag to optimize the production efficiency of the enterprise according to their cement packaging and transportation conditions, such as cement temperature, packaging speed, packaging model, transportation distance, etc

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