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Indonesia's paper consumption is the lowest in Southeast Asia

Indonesia's paper consumption is the lowest in Southeast Asia, with an annual per capita consumption of 19 kg

M. Mansur, chairman of APKI, said, "we hope that the improvement of economic conditions can drive paper consumption. 2. Protection function: the machine has two limit protection methods of software and machinery, and the proportion of active shutdown beyond the load can be dynamically set; it has the growth of overcurrent, overvoltage, overload and other protection functions."

he said that 10 years ago, Indonesia's annual per capita paper consumption was only 4 kg, which has increased by nearly 400%

in fact, during the economic crisis in, Indonesia's paper consumption fell to the highest level before the crisis. Each dress was made of materials equivalent to 27 plastic bottles - building sealant jc/t 883 for stone (2) 1/3 of 17 kg per capita in 2001

the annual per capita consumption of Malaysia and Singapore is 106 kg and 200 kg respectively

Indonesia is one of the world's 12 largest paper manufacturers, with an annual production capacity of 10.2 million tons, ranking behind Brazil and Nordic countries

it is estimated that the current annual paper output of Indonesia is 9million tons, of which 3.5 million tons are exported to China, Japan and the Middle East

mansur expressed his belief that due to the sufficient supply of raw materials and competitive prices, the prospect of Indonesia's domestic pulp and paper industry is promising

he said that due to the economic crisis and the unstable domestic economic situation, the investment in pulp and paper industry in Indonesia has slowed down, while the world paper demand has increased by 2% every year

he also said: "our opponent is Brazil, which also has vast forests and expanding pulp and paper industry."

in recent years, Brazil has replaced Indonesia as the 11th largest paper manufacturer

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