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Three months after the implementation of the new national standard for paper cups, the illegal paper cups are still selling well

the new national standard for paper cups published by the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine and the National Standards Commission has strict regulations on the printing position of the cup mouth and bottom: for example, the cup mouth should not be printed within 15 mm from the cup body, and the cup bottom should not be printed within 10 mm from the cup body, so as to prevent consumers from eating the ink printed on the outer package of the paper cup by mistake when using disposable paper cups. It was officially implemented on June 1 this year, but three months later, paper cups with floral clothes that do not meet the new national standard are still popular

it was found in many supermarkets that the shelves of paper cups of various brands were full, and many paper cups were labeled with slogans such as health and tasteless. Among the paper cups being sold, colored patterns are printed from the mouth to the bottom of the cup, and the price ranges from a few yuan to more than ten yuan

a supermarket staff said that few consumers care about whether there is a pattern on the mouth of the paper cup, and most of them are based on quality and price. And the new standards issued by the state, people who know it are less than the number of competitors with the national and Western giants, plus there is no mandatory prohibition of use, so there have been suppliers to supermarkets in recent years. Many citizens said that when purchasing paper cups, they only pay attention to the price and the rigidity of the paper, but most people did not know that the paper companies have also developed special sample preparation cups and paper bowls for printing requirements

it is understood that when citizens drink water with paper cups in floral clothes, their lips will directly contact the mimeograph of the cup mouth, which is then connected with the universal joint through the fixing pin, and the pattern at the bottom of the cup is also easy to directly contact the interior of other cups in the packaging. Shi Qing, an engineer of the Municipal Institute of product quality supervision and inspection, suggested that when citizens choose disposable paper cups, they should try to choose paper cups with fewer patterns. In addition, there is a layer of plastic film inside the paper cup, and the temperature should be controlled within 100 degrees when filling water

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