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National steel car uses Faro's laser tracker to maintain product quality

since its establishment in 1912, national steel car (NSC), located in Hamilton, Ontario, has continuously designed and manufactured trucks that can meet and meet the changing requirements and standards of the railway industry. These "first-class" trucks can be up to 89 feet long and 19 feet high

as an ISO 9001:2000 certified company, maintaining product quality is the primary task of NSC. Most importantly, they have the ability to manufacture and verify fixtures and provide solutions to technical problems of sub assemblies or the entire railway vehicle

the previous measurement methods mainly used piano wire, measuring hammer, tape measure and theodolite. Facts have proved that these tools are prone to errors, resulting in increased tolerances. The information obtained is also very unreliable, because this information is usually recorded in Notepad, and it is usually unavailable when setting another carriage repeatedly. The maximum error is ". In some cases, the basis cannot be measured. Therefore, NSC urgently needs a better solution


the solution is Faro's laser tracker. The tracker carefully polishes every detail of the link. It is a portable contact measurement system, which uses laser technology to accurately measure large parts and mechanical devices at the end of the experiment. It is widely used in various industrial applications. NSC uses a tracker to measure, set up production lines and analyze problem areas almost every day

many features of the Faro tracker impressed NSC. For example, it can handle problems as low as -15 ° C, which is too important for NSC because the internal temperature of their equipment is very low. In addition, they occasionally use trackers for outdoor measurements. The modeling ability and vivid display image of the device are also very useful

faro tracker enables NSC to minimize the measurement error, and also adds some additional functions, such as checking parts according to the model. In addition to the part model, it can also be used as a fixture inspection device to quickly eliminate distortion

"great changes have taken place in our ability to deal with problems, which enables us not only to determine corrective plans and actions, but also to prevent defects and flaws." Jeff Reid, the statistical engineer of NSC, said, "now, we have been able to respond to the problem very easily, and our confidence in dealing with the problem has increased."

return on Investment:

since Faro's laser tracker was applied to operation, NSC cleaning method: take out the plunger and re polish it, which will reduce the value by about 30 within one year. At present, paper enterprises still mainly use waste materials with high price stock pulp and low profit of 10000 dollars. They found that the tracker made them highly competitive in the market and greatly reduced the instability in key areas

cost saving is not the only benefit of using the tracker. As Jeff said, "the greatest value we get is the stability of the fixture and the ability to find and measure problems." (end)

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