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Natural color dry powder exterior wall emulsion paint came out

natural color dry powder exterior wall emulsion paint came out

April 5, 2005

a wall facing material made of inorganic natural color mineral powder and its related functional additives through mechanical mixing - "natural color dry powder exterior wall emulsion paint", recently developed by Li Jiawen, a retired worker in Beijing, as a successful way to save metal and improve processibility. This product is mainly used in the decoration and decoration of exterior wall finishes

"dry powder exterior wall emulsion paint" has been used for many years in Europe, especially in Germany, but "natural color dry powder exterior wall emulsion paint" is rare in China

in the past two years, due to the sharp rise in the price of acrylic lotion, the material cost of coating manufacturers has remained high, and the profits of enterprises have fallen sharply. How to get rid of difficulties is a thorny problem for enterprises. The advent of "natural color dry powder exterior wall emulsion paint" has provided a way for paint manufacturers and brought a glimmer of vitality. At the same time, it plays a positive role in adjusting the variety structure of architectural coatings, improving the application performance of coating products, reducing the cost of coating materials and increasing the profits of coating products

"natural color dry powder exterior wall emulsion paint" is a one component, water-soluble product, which does not contain any toxic and harmful substances. It does not produce volatile performance and unpleasant smell. It is a green environmental protection product. During production, only use the dry powder mixer to mix for 35~40 minutes to discharge, package and put into storage. When in use, it can be mixed with water on site, that is, it can be used immediately; It can also be mixed into liquid paint with water in advance and leave the factory. Two preparation methods can coexist, which is convenient for coating manufacturers and coating users. During construction, it can be rolled and brushed, or sprayed and scraped (or plastered). It has the same effect as liquid emulsion paint and paste finish putty. If it is used as "natural color wall putty", it can be completed at one go (integrating putty and coating), saving labor and materials, and greatly reducing the material cost per unit construction area

"natural color dry powder exterior wall emulsion paint" as a new force in the architectural coating system, has a sudden rise and excellent performance. In addition to the conventional water resistance, washing resistance, acid and alkaline resistance, it also shows the following application characteristics that other coatings cannot compare:

1 Good aging resistance

due to the use of natural colored inorganic mineral powder as filler, it does not contain any organic or inorganic pigment toner, and its aging resistance is much higher than that of acrylic exterior wall emulsion paint containing color paste. It completely solves the unsolved problem that the traditional acrylic emulsion paint containing color paste is prone to discoloration and fading, and the demand for steel continues to decline due to economic growth, and even chalking in the paint industry

2. Low temperature storage performance is stable

the storage temperature range of this product is relatively wide, and the liquid emulsion paint after mixing with water will not freeze in the range of -5 ℃ ~0 ℃

3. The construction temperature range is wide

compared with the traditional acrylic exterior wall emulsion paint, the construction temperature of this product can be reduced to about 0 ℃, which can greatly speed up the construction process and shorten the construction period

excellent kink resistance, elasticity and flexibility

4 Convenient transportation and low packaging cost

this product is soft packed in woven bags, about 60 yuan per ton, which can save more than 500 yuan per ton compared with barrel liquid paint

5. Low material cost

based on dry powder emulsion paint, about 4600 yuan per ton; In terms of liquid emulsion paint, it is about 2500 yuan per ton (about 850kg water per ton of dry powder emulsion paint)

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