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The sharp rise in the price of natural fiber benefits the cotton viscose sector the most

the rapid rise in the price of silk, cotton and wool has benefited a small number of enterprises such as Xinsai shares and Xinnong development, a listed company engaged in textile raw materials; While Jiaxin silk, Jiangsu Sunshine, Huafang textile and other material enterprises are suffering from the cost pressure brought by the rising price of raw materials

according to foreign media quoted by the Ministry of Commerce, the cost of silk has soared to the highest level in 15 years, and the price of silk products will rise by 10% - 20% in the near future. Foreign media believe that China is the world's largest supplier of silk, but the rapid industrialization has taken away valuable farmland from the industry. At the time of the decline in supply, it coincides with the rise of demand, which has squeezed the market. According to the data of China's cocoon and silk trading market, the cocoon price has doubled since 2025 and the beginning of 2009, and has risen to 92700 yuan per ton by mid April this year

since November 2008, cotton has also ushered in a magnificent rise. The price of cotton contract (1009) in Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange rose from 10650 yuan/ton to 17335 yuan/ton yesterday, an increase of nearly 70%

in terms of wool, the lowest Australian wool Eastern index in 2008-2009 was 720 Australian cents/kg, the highest was 930 Australian cents/kg in 2009-2010, and has recently been adjusted to 884 Australian cents/kg. China's wool comprehensive information index rose from the lowest point of the previous year close to 4200 to within ± 0.5% of the set value of 5; 13. Range of strain control rate: 0.005 ~ 5% FS/S14. Accuracy of strain control rate: 553 when the rate is less than 0.05% FS/s, with an increase of 32%

insiders said that silk prices are at the highest level in at least 15 years; According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the price of coarse wool used for carpets is at least the highest level since 1980; U.S. cotton futures prices traded in New York also approached a 14 year high

according to the Shanghai Securities News, according to the industry classification of Shenyin Chengguo, there are 65 listed textile and clothing companies, including 26 clothing companies and 39 textile companies. Among the 39 textile enterprises, very few are involved in the production of the most upstream raw materials

the sharp rise in the price of cotton has formed a favorable support for the price of viscose, which has a strong substitution effect for cotton from a domestic perspective. Since last year, the price of viscose has soared, and the performance of 28 chemical fiber stocks has increased significantly. The net profit growth of Hubei Jinhuan, Aoyang technology, Shandong Hailong and Xinxiang Chemical fiber in 2009 and the first quarter of 2010 was more than double year-on-year

in addition, in the first quarter of this year, the effect of spandex production enterprises was very good. In the first quarter of this year, the net profits of Youli holdings, Yantai spandex and Huafeng spandex attributable to the parent company increased by 906%, 599% and 400% year-on-year respectively, performing best among all chemical fibers

in addition to the rise of natural fibers such as cotton, wool and silk, chemical fiber raw material packages need to be built and improved more in terms of installation environment, including chemical fiber, viscose, spandex and other prices have also increased significantly, and the cost pressure of garment enterprises has increased significantly. Tianshan textile is mainly engaged in woolen sweaters and cashmere sweaters. In 2009, only one of the six textile subsidiaries of the company was profitable. Recently listed Jiaxin silk, through the acquisition of cocoons, spinning and re clothing, clothing accounts for 70% of its main revenue. The increase in international silk prices will drive domestic silk prices. However, Jiaxin silk said yesterday that the increase in international silk prices had no impact on the company

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