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China's natural gas market has stepped from high-speed growth to medium and high-speed growth

at present, the international oil price continues to operate at a low level, coupled with sufficient supply and weak demand in the domestic liquefied natural gas (LNG) market. In the first half of 2015, the domestic LNG price fell all the way, and the plant profits fell significantly compared with 2014. Some LNG plants are facing the fate of being forced to shut down or eliminate. Ye Hongjun, director of PetroChina North China natural gas sales company, told the grim reality of domestic LNG at the 2015 China Clean Fuel Development Forum held in Qingdao on November 17. After the bid opening of the material bidding project of Hangzhou Changsha section of Shanghai Kunming Railway in 2012, the data showed that the average price of liquefied natural gas at the beginning of 2015 was 5034 yuan/ton, and the average price in the middle of the year was 3889 yuan/ton. Semi Shandong Star High Tech reminded users that the electrical equipment on the experimental machine should be installed by the manufacturer on the experimental machine, and the experimental year plummeted by 22.75%. Ye Hongjun believes that the reason for the sharp decline in prices is that the LNG market has been continuously oversupplied since 2014, and has gradually changed from a seller's market to a buyer's market

at present, the supply and demand problem has become an important factor to change the price trend of LNG market. Market participants hope to open up the upward channel of the market through the reduction of supply. However, ye Hongjun believes that this move may be counterproductive, because although the short-term decline in supply can lead to the recovery of market prices, it will stimulate the production of new factories, and the oversupply will intensify after the overall capacity continues to expand

affected by macroeconomic, price reform, hydropower and other factors, the apparent natural gas consumption of China's solution to efficiently shape and improve gross profit in 2014 was 184.5 billion cubic meters, with a growth rate of 9.8%, which was the low point in recent 10 years. Ye Hongjun said that this means that the natural gas market demand has stepped from high-speed growth to a "new normal" of medium and high-speed growth

for the prediction of the future market, ye Hongjun analyzed that by 2014, there are 20 LNG exporting countries in the world, with a total liquefaction capacity of more than 300million tons/year, and the future production capacity will be further improved. During the 13th Five Year Plan period, the global LNG market will gradually relax, and even there will be a situation of supply exceeding demand

Ye Hongjun predicts that China's LNG demand will increase by 8.1% annually in. Among them, the demand in 2015 was 190billion cubic meters, 298.4 billion cubic meters in 2020 and 454.4 billion cubic meters in 2030

in order to promote the stable and healthy development of the domestic LNG market, ye Hongjun suggested that China should further strengthen the construction of LNG storage capacity and reduce the pressure of gas storage and pipeline peak shaving; We should also vigorously carry out LNG futures trading, timely reflect the market price through the trading price, and speed up the marketization process of natural gas price

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