The hottest natural gas demand in China jumps

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According to Reuters, China's natural gas demand has increased significantly, which has promoted the construction of relevant supply projects. However, the speed of China's change from coal and oil to natural gas has also surprised the market

from snack bars in Guangzhou to ceramic factories in the suburbs, from bus fleets in Beijing to new high-rise apartments, natural gas is gradually replacing other highly polluting energy sources as a source of energy for cooking, heating and transportation

China's natural gas consumption has tripled in the past decade and will continue to grow at the same rate in the next decade. By then, the proportion of natural gas in China's energy composition will be increased from the current 4% to 10%

the after-sales customers of the experimental machine also saw the strength of our plant. At the beginning of this year, China National Petroleum Corporation, a state-owned energy giant, significantly raised its forecast for China's natural gas demand in 2020, with an increase of 50% to 300billion cubic meters, equivalent to three quarters of China's current oil consumption. Jiang Xuefeng, a senior researcher at CNPC, pointed out that "there are two reasons for the sharp increase in estimates: China's urbanization and industrialization process, and national policies to strive to achieve sustainable growth."

using natural gas is the most realistic way for China to achieve the emission reduction target. It can reduce the carbon dioxide emitted by China when it creates a US $1 national income by% from the 2005 level in 2020, while investing in hydropower and nuclear power takes longer to be effective, and the cost is higher. The strong demand for natural gas will benefit PetroChina's listed company, China National Petroleum Corporation, which controls more than 60% of China's natural gas production. In addition, CNOOC will also benefit from it. Its partner husky of Canada has made major natural gas discoveries in the South China Sea. This situation will force traders like panliangwei (transliteration in recent years) to look for opportunities other than coal business. After the sharp rise in international oil prices in 2008, he gave up his fuel oil business, as his customers in Guangdong turned to cheaper coal, resulting in a shrinking demand for imported fuel oil

panliangwei said, "once the natural gas pipeline is laid and the price is reasonable, everyone will switch to natural gas."

analysts said that the energy composition of coal will decline by 10 percentage points in the next 10 years, while oil will remain at 19%, providing continued support for global oil demand

although the market generally expects that China will eventually raise the price of natural gas, the frequent shortage is the main reason for the industry to raise their expectations for natural gas consumption

in December last year, central and southern China restricted the gas supply to taxis and factories, and the demand for heating rose sharply due to the severe cold weather

Bernstein research pointed out in its report in January, "China's current demand is artificially suppressed due to supply shortages, and this winter is a good example."

like CNPC, the agency also raised the forecast of China's natural gas demand by 55%, of which 20 tensile testing machines and material testing machines will reach 200billion cubic meters in 15 years and 280billion cubic meters in 2020

in the next three years, large-scale natural gas transmission pipeline projects will be put into construction, such as Sichuan Shanghai, Ordos Beijing and the second west to east gas transmission project, which will double the current gas transmission capacity. a. The oil delivery pump is stuck with dirt

new impetus

just as China's soaring car sales have stimulated gasoline demand, the prosperity of the real estate market will also drive natural gas demand

official data show that China added nearly 2million square meters of apartments every day last year, an increase of 20% over the previous year. Most of these apartments use natural gas

industrial demand is also an important driving force China is the world's largest consumer and producer of aluminum. In recent years, China has designed new smelters that use natural gas to replace oil

trader panliangwei said, "many new power plants in Guangdong can use natural gas. The problem is that there is not enough supply."

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