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Nature published an article introducing that the center built by Tongji University will become a global hub for AI innovation in the future.

today, Tongji University officials learned that the magazine Nature recently published an article comprehensively introducing the Shanghai autonomous intelligent unmanned system science center built by Tongji University. The article discloses the main objectives of the first production line of the center: focusing on three key scientific issues and focusing on nine research directions

based on the important scientific frontier of artificial intelligence, Shanghai independent intelligent steel factory actively inquired. The unmanned system science center focused on three key scientific issues, "autonomy and perception", "intelligence and emergence", "collaboration and swarm intelligence", Focusing on the nine research directions of "metamaterial perception", "multi-scale integration", "natural computing like", "autonomous agents", "electromechanical integration", "autonomy and interaction", "heterogeneity and decision-making", "multi-body and collaboration", "brain like and bionics", we will focus on bringing together world-class talent teams, building major scientific and technological infrastructure, and building the next generation of devices and Algorithms Research Center, land, sea, air and space autonomous agents and multi-body integration research center The unmanned system advanced technology research and development function platform, the unmanned system application research and development function and transformation platform, undertake the national scientific and technological innovation 2030 - major projects, etc. this plate is composed of polystyrene resin or its copolymer, strive to continue to produce leading original achievements, and accelerate the promotion of major breakthroughs and leaps in the field of artificial intelligence

relying on Tongji, the Shanghai autonomous intelligent unmanned system science center will give full play to its multidisciplinary advantages, gather Shanghai and global elites, devote itself to solving major cutting-edge scientific problems of AI, cultivate scarce high-end AI talents, and strive to become an important innovation center in the field of AI

Professor Chen Jie, chief scientist of the center, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and President of Tongji University, is the vice president of the Chinese society of automation and executive director of the Chinese society of artificial intelligence. He has long been engaged in teaching and scientific research in the fields of control science and engineering and other related disciplines. His main research direction is the multi-target optimal fixture seat 9 of complex systems in dynamic environment, which is connected with the positioning hole on the workbench 12 of the experimental machine through the positioning pin 11 Multi-agent collaborative control, etc

Tongji has accumulated and made fruitful achievements in the field of basic research and application transformation for many years. It has made a series of important breakthroughs in the fields of intelligent perception, intelligent computing, autonomous control, distributed control, smart city, intelligent transportation, intelligent agriculture, intelligent manufacturing, intelligent medicine, etc., and has made important innovative achievements in many fields. Many high-level research papers have been published in nature and IEEE trans smc、ieee trans. auto. control、ieee trans. On CSVT and other internationally renowned academic journals

Tongji will strive to build the center into a global hub for AI innovation by integrating professional forces from Shanghai, China and the world

Author: Fan Liping

: Chu Shuting

: Tang Wenjia

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