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Natural gas heavy trucks fell sharply. The development of 513dprts provides a practical solution to the environmental protection problems caused by the rapid consumption of 3D printing materials% is there no hope of reversing the decline throughout the year

natural gas heavy trucks fell 51% and there is no hope of reversing the decline throughout the year

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the weather has been hot recently, and all places have opened the "barbecue mode". Let's talk about "cooling down": in the first half of the year, the natural gas heavy truck market fell by more than 50%, 19 percentage points higher than the overall decline of the heavy truck market

the gloomy market has poured cold water on all those who pay attention to this market segment. In January, 2015, affected by the continuous slowdown of the macro economy, the downturn of fixed asset investment, the recession of the manufacturing industry and the sluggish freight rate, the domestic heavy truck market sold 295500 vehicles in total, with a 31% decrease in some supporting facilities of cement testing equipment listed below year-on-year. The demand for vehicle renewal in the engineering vehicle and logistics vehicle market was seriously depressed. "There is a finished egg under the nest". Dragged down by the sharp decline in the overall market, the domestic natural gas heavy truck market also fell sharply. This year's monthly output (according to the statistics of the certificate data of the Ministry of industry and information technology) was only 9335, down 50 from 19028 in the same period last year. It is widely used in all kinds of metals, non metals, composite materials, medicine, food, wood, copper, aluminum, plastic profiles, wires and cables, paper, film, rubber, textile Aerospace and other industries carry out tensile energy index testing 9%, reduced by nearly 10000; The output of natural gas trucks of most enterprises, including Shaanxi Automobile, FAW, heavy truck, Futian, Jianghuai, beiben, Hongyan, etc., also fell sharply

the proportion fell to 3.16%. The decline of natural gas trucks is difficult to reverse.

because the decline is far higher than the industry average, the proportion of natural gas heavy trucks in the overall market in the first half of this year fell to 3.16% from 4.43% last year. According to the analysis, in addition to the overall depression of the market, the reason lies in the continuous narrowing of the price difference between gas (fuel) and diesel (oil)

from September 2014 to July 2015 alone, the domestic oil price has been adjusted 19 times, with only 5 times of increase and 14 times of decrease. Take Beijing as an example. After the latest oil price adjustment on July 22, the price of No. 0 diesel oil in Beijing fell to 5.93 yuan/liter, which is cheaper than the price of vehicle LNG in many parts of China (at present, the price of vehicle LNG in many parts of China is about 6 yuan/kg). You know, the quality of diesel oil products in Beijing is the highest in China, and its unit price is relatively high. Compared with other regions, it is much lower. For example, Shanghai No. 0 diesel is 5.87 yuan/liter, Wuhan is 5.50 yuan/liter, Qingdao is 5.43 yuan/liter, Jinan is 5.43 yuan/liter, Shenyang is 5.67 yuan/liter...

as we all know, natural gas heavy trucks themselves cost 78000 yuan more than diesel heavy trucks. The driving force for customers to buy natural gas vehicles, It is mainly the price difference between natural gas cantilever hanging pendulum and diesel oil. The larger the price difference, the shorter the time for customers to recover the excess purchase cost and make profits; Now, the price difference between gas and diesel is getting smaller and smaller, and the price difference in some regions has even been flat or even upside down. It is reasonable that the advantage of natural gas trucks has been lost

moreover, judging from the situation of the whole year of 2015, it is difficult for the price difference between gas and diesel to recover to a reasonable level (0.75:1 and below), coupled with the depression of the macro-economy and the commercial vehicle market, the decline of natural gas commercial vehicles this year will far exceed the industry average. The natural gas truck market will pick up at least until the next year

Shaanxi Dongfeng FAW ranked first, and Valin rose to fourth.

from the perspective of market share, although the natural gas truck market has declined sharply this year, Shaanxi Auto continued to maintain its first position in production and sales, ranking No.1 with 2274 vehicles and 24.4% share in the first half of the year

Dongfeng Motor jumped from the fifth place in the same period last year to the second place in the first half of this year with 1403 vehicles, a 10.2% growth against the trend and a 15.0% share, and its market share also increased by 8.3 percentage points. Its rising position mainly benefits from the simultaneous development of several business segments of Dongfeng (including Dongfeng commercial vehicle company, Dongfeng Nanchong company, Dongfeng Special commercial vehicle company, Dongfeng Liuqi, Dongfeng zhengmeng (Shiyan) special vehicle company, etc.), as well as the increase in the volume of Dongfeng small tonnage natural gas medium and light trucks

FAW Group fell to the third place from the second place in the same period last year, and was surpassed by Dongfeng. In the first half of this year, FAW Jiefang and FAW Qingdao produced a total of 1075 natural gas trucks (down 68.2%), with a market share of 11.5%, a year-on-year decrease of 6.3 percentage points. Valingxing's natural gas production in the first half of the year reached 883 vehicles, an increase of 83.2% against the trend, and the industry ranking rose to fourth from sixth in the same period last year, mainly benefiting from its recent large natural gas truck orders. Moreover, Valin's rise against the trend also prevented the year-on-year decline in the natural gas truck market in the first half of the year from continuing to expand

the production of gas trucks in the first half of this year was 768 and 527, down 67.2% and 72.8% year-on-year, both of which were astonishing; The market shares of the two brands in the first half of this year were 8.2% (down 4.1 percentage points) and 5.6% (down 4.6 percentage points), respectively. The ranking of heavy truck fell from third in the same period last year to fifth in the first half of this year, while the ranking of Foton fell from fourth to sixth

in general, considering the abnormal downturn of natural gas trucks this year and the fierce fighting among various heavy truck enterprises around the medium and high-end fields, the natural gas truck market is gradually fading out of people's vision this year, and the market competition will focus on self-produced engines and the promotion of new medium and high-end heavy trucks

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