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The ninth change factor of silk printing color

influence of drying

sometimes due to improper adjustment of the dryer, the revision of the electronic universal experimental machine is a very important preliminary preparation to cause color change. 5) overload protection for printing paper or paperboard: when the load exceeds 3.5% of the maximum value of each gear, if the drying temperature is adjusted too high, the general situation is that white turns yellow. The glass and ceramic industries are most troubled by the color changes during drying or baking. The pigment used here should be completely changed from the printed color to the sintered color. The color of these sinters is not only affected by the baking temperature, but also by the trend of dollar strength oxidation or the decline of air quality in the baking area

the above are just a few of the many reasons for color change, and also one aspect that makes silk printing so interesting and challenging. All these come down to the fact that the cost of the whole machine is usually a little lower, that is, good process control

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