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On the eve of the birth of an invisible champion, there were hot products and unbearable orders, but he could not find a suitable investor. Jiguoliang's office was in a family building in Harbin. He opened the door, put a few desks in his left hand, and filled the two cupboards in his right hand with his samples. After five steps, it was jiguoliang's own desk

don't underestimate this 30 square meter office. Formosa Plastics in Taiwan, Samsung and SK in South Korea, SNB in Japan, Tianma, McDonald's in the United States, Citigroup, shell and other giants have traveled thousands of miles to visit here for various complex purposes

at this moment, jiguoliang, chairman of Harbin Lvhuan biodegradable products Co., Ltd., closed and walked back to the conference room. Just now, the head of a venture capital enterprise jointly established by Citibank and shell oil told him that they found an American equipment supplier and a Chinese printing enterprise and wanted to set up a joint venture factory with Ji Guoliang in Malaysia. The other two have been confirmed. Now, as long as Ji agrees

this did not make the 51 year old entrepreneur happy. Since 2002, there has been an endless stream of venture capital companies and multinational groups that have favored green ring. However, until today, the financial situation of green ring is still worrying. There is only one newspaper on the desk of Lvhuan. It is said that it is a free gift from an enterprise that delivers bottled water to Lvhuan. In an interview with Chinese entrepreneurs, Ji Guoliang admitted that "now enterprises are in the most difficult period."

At the beginning of 2002, the degradable packaging product developed by Ji Guoliang, with corn starch as the main raw material, has passed the identification and certification of the U.S. FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration), and is recognized as a breakthrough environmental protection material in the world. At that time, a friend surnamed Xu, who worked in a foreign-funded organization in China, took Ji's two large boxes of packaged products with him before returning to the United States. He was just taking a chance to see if there was any chance. Unexpectedly, he happened to encounter an environmental protection materials exhibition held by the FDA of the United States. If the tax pain index of Chinese enterprises was the first, because a congressman familiar with him recommended that Ji's products successfully participated in the routine environmental protection inspection before the exhibition, Entered the FDA evaluation procedure. The next day, the unexpectedly selected product made the whole exhibition boiling: 80% corn starch content, excellent product texture, and Harbin green ring, a small and unknown enterprise in China, surprised this serious and conservative authority

although he was not able to come to the scene in person, jiguoliang was still vivid and overjoyed about this "adventure" of green ring. "FDA specially arranged a special press conference on the second day of the exhibition." "We soon received the notification of identification and certification from them. It usually takes at least 3 years for the product to pass the FDA certification." Green ring naturally registered a branch in the United States in March2002, which made Ji Guoliang proud, "this is the first foreign company approved by the U.S. Immigration Bureau after September 11.". The branch then found numerous opportunities for green ring

in mid-2003, the relevant representatives of McDonald's headquarters in the United States took the initiative to send an invitation to green ring for the supply of disposable environmental friendly tableware. As an initial pilot cooperation, McDonald's just hopes that green ring can supply a small share of the environmentally friendly tableware it needs first. But this has made jiguoliang very embarrassed. "6million sets are needed every day." Ji Guoliang said with regret, "at present, there is no production capacity of this scale, and we simply can't take this order." McDonald's representatives visited the Harbin factory of green ring twice. The global market demands more and more environmental protection for disposable tableware. Their urgency is no less than that of Ji Guoliang himself. "You (green ring) are the seller's market. Once your production scale can meet our needs in the future, we will place orders at any time."

a packaging enterprise in Los Angeles found the green ring through the information published on. In the first step, they hope that Lvhuan will make a considerable contribution to the net profit after sales and become its raw material supplier, supplying 10% of its raw materials in the first year, 30% in the second year and 50% in the third year. Jiguoliang admitted that he still faced the danger of being unable to supply goods, but this situation will ease in June this year. According to the contract, green ring will provide 50 containers (standard containers) of raw materials every month from June. The second step of cooperation proposed by the other party is the establishment of a joint venture between the two sides. Ji Guoliang regards this as a win-win situation, "so that we can directly use the mature operation system of the other party."

at the end of 2003, Taiwan Formosa Plastics Group even showed the idea of betting their strategic turn on green ring. The first to contact green ring was a mainland venture capital company under Formosa Plastics. Then Formosa Plastics headquarters sent representatives to Harbin green ring for investigation. As plastic products are being eliminated from the market, Formosa Plastics is eager to find environmentally friendly materials that can replace plastic materials at affordable prices. In the past, the price of polylactic acid fermented by starch was about tens of thousands of yuan per ton, while the price of similar products fermented by corn flour in green ring was only a few thousand yuan, which was almost the same as the cost of plastic materials and the texture of finished products. This is, of course, a product that Formosa Plastics is particularly interested in. In the past, Formosa Plastics invested a lot of money in research for several years. What form of cooperation the two sides will take in the future has not been specified below

the Ministry of agriculture of Thailand is preparing to attach an important development plan to Ji Guoliang. According to Ji, Thailand is rich in cassava, which is everywhere and very easy to grow. In the past, a large number of cassava were not fully utilized, so Thais often had to pile them up and let them rot. "Is it possible for cassava flour to replace corn flour and become the production raw material of packaging materials?" In 2003, Ji Guoliang was invited to Thailand to verify this. The answer was that both sides were particularly satisfied, "according to the price of cassava powder provided by the Thai government, the cost per ton can be saved at least nearly 1000 yuan compared with that of corn flour." The Thai government is very kind, and Ji's attitude will determine the final result. Ji disclosed to Chinese entrepreneurs that he would go to Thailand in mid and late February to discuss specific cooperation plans with the Thai Minister of agriculture

in the sample cabinet, there are packaging samples made by green ring for Samsung and SK group in South Korea. The bags made by natto enterprises in Japan are the key links. Disposable tableware made by an elderly welfare association in Japan, egg packaging boxes made by American Egg Association and EU Egg Association, McDonald's trays, children's toy outer packaging, and

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