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Under the careful assistance and supervision of Qige headquarters, Qige curtain exclusive store opened for three days with remarkable achievements. A total of 98 contracts were signed in the opening activities, and more than 100000 deposits were collected

Qige curtain store, located at 172 Taibai Road, Wanzhou District, Chongqing, finally opened in June 2016 after months of careful preparation. With the careful assistance and supervision of Qige headquarters, Qige curtain store opened for three days with remarkable results. From June 8 to 10, with the assistance and supervision of Qige headquarters, Qige curtain store signed 98 contracts in the opening activities and received more than 100000 deposit

the Qige curtain store in Wanzhou District, Chongqing is planned to be an integrated international soft decoration life hall, which integrates soft decoration elements such as Qige curtains, Rouran wallpapers, soft and hard bags. The products of various categories match and set off each other. Let the whole hall be low-key, luxurious and connotative

Mr. Yu, the owner of Chongqing Wanzhou store of Qige curtain, said: "The reason why we choose Qige brand is that its lattice curtain has a comprehensive product structure, fine fashion technology, strong strength in finished product design and overall collocation, several sets of unique shopping guide design and sales assistance software in the industry, professional three-dimensional marketing, professional digestion marketing and design service team, and famous Qige professional training services in the industry... These good sales service quality and superior product cost performance have always been widely recognized Customer recognition. In the future, I hope to win the favor and trust of more consumers with a better image, more meticulous service and a more responsible attitude! Thank Qige curtain for giving me such a cooperation opportunity. I also hope that in the future, we can provide professional and exquisite curtains for the majority of consumers with thanksgiving, integrity, enthusiasm and thoughtful service! "

Mr. luhuangyong, deputy general manager of Zhejiang Qige Textile Co., Ltd., made a concluding speech: "Congratulations on the opening of Chongqing Wanzhou Qige franchise store! From the beginning, we did not only regard curtains as a traditional industry, curtain decoration has long been more than a simple functional accessory, but also the pursuit and attitude of fashion life. Its style is to pass this concept to domestic consumers. What we want to Express is people's pursuit of beauty and comfort. Through the careful production of color, pattern and texture, we People create a luxurious, warm, comfortable, green and healthy space environment. What we need to do is to take the lead. We have the responsibility and obligation to lead the healthier development of the industry and truly produce for the better life of consumers, so it will be natural to make profits. With the gradual maturity of curtain fabric industry and the formation of large-scale products, the product personality style of domestic curtain enterprises will also be gradually enlarged, and finally a personalized curtain enterprise and professional service mode will be formed. The strategy of driving consumption by scale and achieving win-win market by personality will make curtain fabric beautify more consumer families. Because of the needs of life, life should also be better. "

it is reported that Zhejiang Qige Textile Co., Ltd. is a finished curtain manufacturer integrating fabric design, R & D, processing, sales and service. It attaches great importance to the overall R & D and design of pattern, process and style. It has long been communicating and cooperating with high-end design studios in Europe, and has won design creativity awards for many times. Now it has "chicooo" and "mailian" strategic brands, which are widely used in general home decoration, villas and clubs, senior exhibition halls, restaurants and other places




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