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Loans are also used for many purposes. We often think of loans to buy a house, buy a car, go to college, start a business, etc. now more and more people will consider loans for house decoration. However, many people are not very clear about which banks can apply for house decoration loans and what conditions they need. Xiaobian will introduce it to you

how qualified are decoration loans

at present, banks are mainly mortgage loans, or loans guaranteed by credit and guarantee. Among them, some banks are "more and more", while others are "only for one". For example, Bank of Tianjin has stopped personal credit loans, which can only be mortgage loans; Standard Chartered Bank focuses on credit loans. Moreover, mortgage loans are also generally in the majority of banks that "have more and more"

because of different loan methods, it means that the qualification of the loan applied for will also be different, but it will basically be stipulated in terms of age, income level and so on. Taking Standard Chartered Bank as an example, it requires customers with loan needs to be between the ages of 22 and 60, currently working for three months or more, with a monthly income of more than 5000 yuan, and the bank pays wages on behalf of them. When applying for a loan, Standard Chartered Bank requires customers to provide ID cards, payroll records for at least 3 months and income certificates issued by the unit. If there is no income certificate, the certificate of individual income tax is also OK

how much is the decoration loan line

how much money is needed to decorate the house? This has a direct relationship with the size of your house, the complexity of the design, and the decoration style and method you choose. Of course, if you have decorated n suites, you know how to decorate better and save more money with a lot of experience. Therefore, you need to find a balance between your actual needs and the loan limit that the bank can provide

generally speaking, the amount of mortgage loan will be relatively high. In terms of personal consumer loans such as home decoration, banks' mortgage loans are basically based on 70% of the collateral, that is, the value of the real estate, but the upper limit of each bank is different. The upper limit of China Merchants Bank is no more than 2million yuan, which basically represents the mainstream level. The upper limit of Bank of Tianjin real estate mortgage personal consumption loan is relatively high, which is 5million yuan. It may not need so much money to decorate the house, but in the view of the bank, mortgage seems to be safer, but for people in need, it is somewhat tangled

in terms of credit loans, due to different benchmarks, the amount varies from large to small, and usually the amount is much less than the mortgage loan. In China Merchants Bank, its loan amount is 24 times of the monthly accumulation fund or social security fund. If your accumulation fund is 1000 yuan per month, you can only get a loan of 24000 yuan. Of course, if your provident fund is high, then the amount will be enlarged. "Some can do about 200000 to 300000." Xiaowu, personal loan customer manager of China Merchants Bank Beijing Xuanwu branch, said that China Merchants Bank also has a very small proportion, and can lend with reference to salary income, but the conditions are relatively strict

how much is the cost of decoration loan

loan decoration understand your urgent need for money. On the one hand, you can design your home according to your intention as much as possible on the premise of sufficient funds, on the other hand, it can let you live in your new house earlier. But how much are you willing to pay for these? Generally speaking, the longer the loan term is, the higher the expected annualized interest rate is. However, some banks do not use the loan term to determine the expected annualized interest rate of the loan, but take the amount as the standard

how to apply for personal loan to decorate a house

home decoration loan is also called decoration loan, which refers to the personal credit loan launched by banks or consumer finance companies for the purpose of home housing decoration, that is, unsecured credit loan. In principle, the single loan limit of personal housing decoration loans issued by banks shall not exceed 150000 yuan, and shall not exceed 50% of the total cost of decoration projects. At present, there are two kinds of loans and a credit card installment form for home decoration loans, which can be applied for as follows: 1. Apply for personal credit loans to decorate; 2. Decoration loan of personal consumption loan. Consumer loans here refer to licensed mortgage loans, that is, consumer loans that are mortgaged and applied for with real estate.; 3. Installment of credit card home decoration; 4. In addition to the traditional way of bank loans, loans from consumer finance companies are also one of the alternative ways

decoration loan application conditions:

1 Have local permanent residence and legal and valid identity certificates

2. Have a legitimate career and stable income, and have the ability to repay the principal and interest of the loan when due

3. The borrower can provide relevant asset certificates, bank statements, tax bill certificates, etc.

4 For the decoration of newly purchased residential buildings, the house purchase and sale contract, purchase invoice and other materials shall be provided (or for the re decoration of the original residential buildings, the house ownership certificate materials shall be provided)

5. Other conditions stipulated by the cooperative organization

decoration loan application materials:

when applying for decoration loan, the lender generally needs to provide the following materials to the bank:

1. Valid ID card, permanent residence certificate issued by the neighborhood committee, proving his identity and fixed residence

2. Proof of professional and personal income issued by the unit, proof of stable work for six consecutive months or more (or provide their own salary flow bills in recent months) to prove their repayment ability

3. House property certificate (required for mortgage loan), used for house property mortgage

4. Bank deposit statements, water and electricity and other tax receipts to prove their credit quality

5. Materials such as decoration project contract and decoration material purchase contract signed with decoration enterprises to prove the purpose of the loan

6. Copies of the business license and qualification certificate of the decoration enterprise to prove whether the partner is within the specified scope

7. Other conditions required by banks or financial institutions

the decoration house loan editor has introduced so many things to you. If you want to apply for a decoration loan, you should be a little confused. You can calculate your cost first, see how much money you need for decoration and loan, and then decide which bank to apply for decoration loan

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