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As the double 12 is approaching, the modern beast wall bout launched the "happy to meet you, lucky 'Hui', welcome 'price' at the end of the year" double 12 huge benefit activity, about "Hui" non-stop, sprint at the end of the year, and fight for freshmen

the wall cloth version of the modern beast leopard series focuses on plain color,

plain color aesthetics is based on color aesthetics, focusing on the science of plain color application

plain color aesthetics abandons all complicated luxuries and pursues a unique beauty of plain color

snow foam milk flower floating afternoon cup, Polygonum, velvet, Artemisia shoots test spring plate. Taste in the world is pure joy

the floating world is noisy and fleeting,

be an exquisite plain colorist,

plain color is light and fleeting years are stable

the double 12 is coming.

after the double 11 theme activity of "asking for 'benefits' for the first time and wanting' prices' for you", the modern beast has launched the double 12 huge benefit activity of "glad to meet 'benefits' and welcome' prices' at the end of the year". The activity of

about "benefits" keeps going, sprints at the end of the year, and fights for rebirth

leopard No.4 metal storm and leopard No.5 dark night aristocracy participated in this event

juhuifeng "leopard", wait for you to welcome the "price", Carnival as soon as possible

"leopard No.4 ・ metal storm"

scan or long press the QR code in the recognition image to view the 3D panoramic effect 360 °

in terms of soft decoration, metal building materials or log furniture are used for decoration, and silver plating and gold plating on furniture are symbols of luxury and nobility

"leopard No. 5 ・ dark night aristocracy"

soft outfit collocation can use furniture with obvious line feeling to create a modern simple style. A sofa, a tea table, a TV cabinet, simple lines, simple combinations, and simple elements such as surrealist Frameless paintings, metal lampshades, personalized pillows, and glasses constitute a comfortable and simple ideal space

modern beast,

double 12 welcome "price"

it's a pleasure to meet you with "benefits" and welcome "prices" at the end of the year

the year is coming to an end, and the benefits will not stop

the modern beast double twelve great benefits activity is hot

end of year, as low as half price

activity time

December 1, 2018 - December 31, 2018

year end benefits do not stop. Only if you love to fight can you win

the brand approach of modern beast is committed to creating an alternative in the wall fabric industry. It blazes a new path among the popular wall fabric brands and creates a "modern monster" model. Its brand products pursue a sense of modern fashion and beast like publicity. Its brand characteristics are creative and rebellious, and its brand spirit and holistic spirit of the times are highly consistent with the deep needs of consumers. Modern beast dreams of creating a painting style that is completely different from the current traditional wall covering, integrating the coolest fashion and unique culture, sweeping a new trend and leading a new fashion

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