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For a long time, customized furniture has three treasures: a mouth, a piece of paper and a pen, but today, we want to overturn this situation. Erica's national offline stores and panoramic rendering software training and improvement activities were successfully held

have you experienced VR panoramic scheme

for a long time,

three treasures of customized furniture: a mouth, a piece of paper and a pen,

but today, we want to overturn this situation

Erica's national offline stores

panoramic effect software training and improvement activity

successfully held the

learning, which is the best teacher

breaking the traditional business and sales methods,

using advanced sales tools,

wants to combine methods and methods to provide the best design experience

the designer team of offline stores in the north of the south of the world

gathered at the headquarters of the company

specially invited expert lecturers from software companies for on-site guidance

think about what customers want

customized solutions are no longer rough lines,

nor eloquent speakers,

rapid design, efficient rendering and dyeing, and VR panoramic tour

Erica has been committed to team building

through various training activities

the ability of designers has been continuously improved

you can really see what you get.

how big is the software? Tens of thousands of real house types.

all kinds of scene modules are constantly updated, and the effect of VR experience will be more effective

multi core server high-speed rendering

improving efficiency makes customers calmly experience

720 ° panoramic VR scene

rich module library

from house type to scene to jewelry,

one call between software templates,

customized design scheme is no longer simple and boring

the company's products are made into data modules

arbitrary drag and drop in the software

one click Change of material

it's so powerful

Erica, the strategic partner of kujiale,

the two sides cooperate deeply in the home customization sector,

is not just an experience display of the program

committed to the construction of informatization

work together with the strong

improve the customer experience to a new level

urban modern industrial style

cold apartment living room, a lifestyle of urban white-collar elites, the main color of taupe, which is composed of marble, stainless steel, glass, leather, cloth art and other elements

urban modern industrial style

entry porch cabinet, customized solid wood veneering process, solid wood paint baking paint door panel, without too much color and decoration, reflects the clean and tidy style of human nature,

urban modern industrial style

simple and clear plate lines, outline the fast-paced lifestyle of the emerging generation, but also do not lose a casual personality, and fall in love with this lifestyle with Erica

urban modern industrial style

the overall tone of the master bedroom also belongs to the industrial loft style. It is as simple and lively as ever, and the gray cool tone is drunk for friends who pursue personality

urban modern industrial style

in the study space of the second bedroom, the push rag drawer wardrobe with solid wood baking paint technology is used, and the distance between the wardrobe and the wall is used to customize a corner desk, which is as wonderful as learning and life




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