Crowne Plaza Shanghai Dishui Lake

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Crowne Plaza Shanghai Dishui Lake is the latest Crowne Plaza under intercontinental hotel management group. Located on the beautiful Dishui Hunan island in Pudong Lingang New City, the hotel is designed by Atkins design company, which once designed the famous Dubai sailing hotel. Its shape is unique, just like a peach blossom blooming on the lake. As the only Island Hotel in Shanghai, Crowne Plaza Shanghai Dishui Lake sits on the whole Dishui Hunan Island, with nearly 50000 square meters of garden green space, water close to the lake, and charming scenery. Dishui Lake banquet hall has a space of 1050 square meters, which is elegant and can accommodate 750 guests to the cocktail party and 700 guests to the banquet

the hotel has 330 fashionable and fresh guest rooms. The guest rooms and toilets adopt the double-sided light and ice blue application of Jingchuang jade glass. Jingchuang jade glass is a high-end decorative material independently developed by Jingchuang special glass Co., Ltd. to fill the domestic gap, which is the first in China. Jingchuang jade glass is calcined from inorganic materials, without the inherent radioactive elements of natural stones. Jingchuang jade glass has the characteristics of green environmental protection, no radiation, no aging, jade like texture, noble and elegant, and light transmission. Jingchuang jade glass gives play to the polymorphism of glass under different light. Different processes can express different feelings, such as gloss and smoothness, light transmission and matte, textured and textured, reflective and non reflective, regular light and irregular light, etc. In interior decoration, rich and comfortable visual effects can be formed according to different needs, which is not only suitable for indoor use, but also completely suitable for outdoor use. Jingchuang jade glass not only has the strength and impact resistance of natural stones, but also has the artistic beauty of artistic glass. Jingchuang jade glass is the integration and unity of function and beauty, environmental protection and safety in the glass industry It also has the characteristics of light transmission and opacity. The company adheres to the enterprise tenet of "honesty and trustworthiness, quality first, first-class service"




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