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Home decoration has always been a huge project, from choosing decoration companies, designer negotiations, purchasing building materials to later project supervision, and so on, decoration owners do not want to miss every detail. Although the owners want to decorate their new houses to be true and beautiful, many processes or details do not have professional knowledge, and it is inevitable that some omissions or mistakes will occur. Wuhan home decoration network Xiaobian will explain in detail some common decoration mistakes in home decoration for you today. I hope the majority of decoration owners can learn from experience

common decoration mistakes 1: the decoration order is not read carefully

for disputes, the decoration contract is the most direct and important evidence for the decoration owner, but many consumers do not pay attention to the contract when shopping, and let the salesperson fill it out. Wuhan home decoration network reminds you of this case that you still need to check the product details described in the contract, such as color version, model, etc. if the color has only a number, you'd better note the specific color, otherwise you really want to protect your rights in the end

common decoration mistakes 2: focus on cheapness and ignore size

in group purchase and promotion, we often encounter cheap things, and many of them are not refunded or replaced. Therefore, Wuhan home decoration network reminds consumers that at this time, they must not be hot headed. Please determine the size before starting

common decoration error 3: power sockets are not reserved

now there are more and more household appliances, and there are some unconventional appliances, such as intelligent toilet covers, water softeners, kitchen garbage processors, etc. if you do not reserve power sockets and corresponding positions when decorating and changing water and electricity, it will be very troublesome to install them in the future. Therefore, Wuhan home decoration network reminds consumers that it is best to think about their own electrical needs before decoration and reserve more sockets

common decoration error 4: it is difficult to install the measuring ruler.

the actual problem is not the size measured before tiling. If the designer and foreman are very professional, even if they measure the net size before tiling, they can also calculate the reserved amount after tiling to help calculate the appropriate size of the basin and bathroom cabinet. Therefore, it is very important for decoration first net to remind consumers to choose reliable designers and foremen. If you are not at ease, you can remind the problem of tiling in advance

or publish the decoration bidding information on Wuhan home decoration network, and the customer service of Wuhan home decoration network will help the owner recommend decoration companies with legal business qualifications according to the owner's comprehensive requirements. The three companies can measure the house for free at the same time, make plans, make budgets, etc. to facilitate the owner to compare and select the most suitable decoration company





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