Let's talk about Santorini style decoration design

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Santorini is undoubtedly the place that can satisfy all romance. The small house with white walls and blue roof and blue sea water set off the most magnificent sunset in the world

at night, sleep on the waves beside the old port. In the morning, wake up in the cry of the fish market, lazy and comfortable

the above is the true portrayal of traveling in Santorini, so how to take this beautiful town home? Now let's talk about the decoration design of "Santorini" style with you

color Santorini style decoration design will be bold, bright and natural in the selection of colors, which can make people feel fresh and comfortable like facing the sea

like this living room where white and blue are intertwined, natural colors are cleverly applied to home decoration, and no matter the lines, colors or furniture echo each other. The wooden grating design on the top can hide the lamp slot and downlight, making the whole space more organized, exquisite and generous, showing the charm of the seaside

in the collocation and selection of soft decoration, rattan plants and small potted plants are commonly used for ornament and decoration

in the design of this restaurant, in addition to the use of green plants, its retro furniture shape also enhances the natural sense of space, making the home look simple and lasting

lines in China's traditional home decoration, pay attention to flatness, with water chestnut. Santorini's style follows nature and carries out home decoration in a natural state, which seems casual but full of connotation

like this bedroom made of wood floors, the color matching is bright and harmonious. Being in it is like being on the coast in summer, relaxed and comfortable. Whether sitting quietly or lying lazily, I feel very beautiful




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