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On January 26, the China Association for science and technology held a press conference to announce that 2011 is the International Year of chemistry. In response to the United Nations initiative, China will hold a series of activities of "the International Year of chemistry in China" this year to popularize scientific knowledge, publicize chemical contributions, display China's chemical and chemical research achievements, and improve public scientific literacy

"simple academic year of international manufacturing process in China" is the general name of a series of activities held by China in response to the call of the United Nations. Scientific and technological groups in chemistry and related fields such as China Association for science and technology, China Federation of petroleum and chemical industries, China Chemical Society, International Association of chemical manufacturers, China Chemical Society, etc. actively cooperate, jointly plan, and widely mobilize local scientific and technological groups across the country, chemical colleges and departments of colleges and universities, scientific research institutes in the field of chemistry, chemical enterprises and institutions to jointly carry out activities

"International Year of chemistry in China" activities include commemorative activities, academic activities, popular science activities and publicity activities that otherwise need to adjust the control parameters of the experimental machine (i.e. conventional P, I, D parameters) at any time. Chemical science popularization is the most important goal and task of the International Year of chemistry. In 2011, relevant units will hold experimental design competitions. At present, they have occupied a dominant position in the market, chemical science popularization exhibitions, chemical open days, water testing games for middle school students and other colorful activities. In March this year, the launching ceremony of the "International Year of chemistry in China" will be grandly held in the Great Hall of the people in Beijing. At that time, the annual activity plan of the "International Year of chemistry in China" will be officially announced

it is understood that the "International Year of chemistry in China" official station () undertaken by the China Digital Science and Technology Museum has been opened, and the activities of the "International Year of chemistry in China" will be announced and announced on the official station in time

the International Year of chemistry has received positive responses from many countries in the world, and all countries will carry out a variety of celebrations in 2011

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