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Application of Moldflow in Tongguang Samsung

as a new injection molding process, gas assisted molding technology is one of the most important developments in the injection molding industry, and is praised by the industry as the second revolution of plastic injection molding process. Compared with traditional injection molding, gas assisted injection molding technology has many advantages, such as improving the strength, stiffness and accuracy of products, eliminating shrinkage marks, so as to improve the surface quality of products, simplifying the gating system, mold design and assembly process, reducing the molding stress and warpage of products, saving plastic materials, reducing the weight of products, solving the deformation of products with large size and wall thickness differences, and reducing the injection pressure and molding pressure, Clamping force, etc

however, there are many factors affecting the gas assisted injection molding process, such as injection temperature, injection time, melt pre injection volume, pumping process and location, material type, etc. Compared with ordinary injection molding, the process of gas assisted injection molding is difficult and strict. Because of gas injection, the molding behavior of plastic melt in the mold cavity changes significantly. Gas injection has a great impact on the filling form of plastic melt, mold cooling, shrinkage and warpage of products, and the final service performance

gas assisted injection 3. In the injection molding technology with multiple protective devices, the selection of appropriate airway design, gas injection position, delay time and pressure are the key factors to ensure the product quality. If the product design is unreasonable, the process setting is inappropriate or other parameters are not set well, it is easy to lead to poor quality of the whole product, such as insufficient gas penetration depth, or gas leakage, penetration, or even product scrap

in order to improve the product quality and shorten the product development cycle, we introduced the CAE software Moldflow flow/gas/warp module for analysis. Through the simulation calculation of the gas assisted molding process, we helped the designer set the heating rate and the upper temperature limit, and the designer determined the reasonable product wall thickness, mold and process condition design, which greatly reduced the number of mold trials of the product. The following is a practical case that we use moldflow/gas to analyze

Figure 1 shows the distribution cloud diagram of filling time, gas penetration time, plastic layer thickness ratio in the product, the relationship between gas volume fraction and time, the relationship between mold locking force and solidification layer percentage with time obtained from the filling and pressure maintaining analysis of a product

simulate the gas assisted forming process through mpi/gas. Although the bellows ring stiffness tester is no exception, we can check whether there are bad defects such as penetration, insufficient filling, and finger effect in the existing design; Determine the appropriate injection volume to avoid blowing through; At the same time, it is determined that avoiding the preheating caused by short shot and viscosity at the melt front can also avoid the gas pressure required by the residual internal pressure of plastic due to sudden cooling during extrusion; Considering the delay time before gas injection in order to solidify the thin wall, determine the appropriate size of the airway to optimize the filling process and gas injection process; Determine the best airway layout and control the length of the air chamber, check the tonnage of the forming machine, and check whether the existing machine can be formed. On this basis, the final wall thickness and final weight of the product after gas penetration are further determined. (end)

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