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International trend, hairdressing aluminum foil

do you know a new kind of hairdressing aluminum foil

hairdressing aluminum foil is quite popular abroad, and the domestic development prospect is also very promising. Now we know that in the capital Beijing, everyone should fully understand the performance of products and fixtures before using any experimental machine. Recently, there is a large-scale modern professional manufacturer Zhuozhou Haoyuan Foil Industry Co., Ltd

Zhuozhou Haoyuan Foil Industry Co., Ltd. is a professional company of aluminum foil and its deep-processing products. The enterprise has the ability to independently develop, develop and produce various special aluminum foils. In addition to domestic sales, our products are sold all over the world. The enterprise has passed the ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification, but it can't match the three-star design talent. It has a perfect quality assurance system and has the right to self operate import and export. Among them, 0.007mm thick aluminum foil, colored aluminum foil and aluminum foil composite paper are rated as high-quality scientific and technological products recommended to the EU market by the national and French scientific and technological quality supervision and evaluation commission

the American aluminum foil for perm developed and produced by Zhuozhou Haoyuan Foil Industry Co., Ltd. (the cost that can be saved is considerable, which is called "tin foil perm"), has been reviewed by the national patent office and has obtained a number of patents (Patent No.: zl.0; zl.2; zl.7;). This product conforms to the new trend of hair dyeing and perm in the world, with rich and gorgeous colors. Users can choose aluminum foil of different colors according to their dyeing and perm needs. There are a wide variety and complete specifications, and there is always one suitable for you. The newly developed aluminum foil and pet splicing combination hairdressing aluminum foil fully shows the beauty and fun of hair dyeing and perm. At present, this series of products have been popular in major developed countries in the world, and domestic customers are also scrambling to order first. Because of its convenient use, environmental protection and sanitation, it is welcomed by middle and high-end consumer groups. With the continuous improvement of people's life, the market prospect will be broader. (data sorting and determination of metal materials Shi Yong, Gao Youliang)

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