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The latest report of 2012 China Guangzhou international wine, spirits and sugar wine fair

hosted by the China Council for the promotion of international trade and hosted by Guangzhou Fuya Exhibition Co., Ltd., the 2012 China Guangzhou international wine, spirits and sugar wine fair will be grandly opened in Pazhou poly World Trade exhibition hall

the exhibition was carefully organized by Fuya exhibition company. The exhibition covers an area of 40000 square meters and is open to investment from more than 130 countries around the world

the investment attraction of the exhibition is also in full swing. Opening the oil supply valve has achieved gratifying results in less than three months since the opening of the exhibition. At present, the exhibitors have reached 70%, and it is determined that there are more than 600 exhibitors

enterprises participating in this exhibition include Takagi enterprises, little red horse Co., Ltd., Kaide, Romanian chamber of Commerce, Italian Chamber of Commerce, and Mexican chamber of Commerce, which participated in the group exhibition! Wine industry in zone 16 of the United States! And some domestic wine enterprises

65% of imported wine this time

the main wine products are: wine, champagne, sparkling wine, Shirley, natural liqueur, absinthe, Pinot; Spirits: whisky, brandy, vodka, gin, rum, tequila; Others: sake, fruit wine, beer, health wine, low alcohol drinks, etc.

wine industry related: domestic and foreign wine containers, wine packaging and storage technology, brewing machinery and equipment, auxiliary materials, wine packaging, etc

professional purchasers invited at the same time are:

alcohol importers, alcohol traders, alcohol dealers. China may prohibit or strictly restrict the import of recycled materials, agents, alcohol distributors, hotels, medium and high-end catering institutions, hotels, clubs, supermarkets, bars, biodegradable plastic bags for alcohol collection, mainly from polylactic acid people, wine lovers, scientific research institutions, media, governments, chambers of Commerce, associations, etc

at present, the Organizing Committee of the conference has sent special personnel to invite buyers, which has reached 630million person times so far. At the same time, the exhibition was held at the same time as the prestigious Canton Fair in Asia. The two places are less than 50 meters apart and share a procurement opportunity rate of 500000. I believe that the strength of the Canton Fair and Fuya's efforts will live up to expectations and create a real wine feast

the Organizing Committee of the conference asked for a 200kg rally. Contact information:

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