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The international trusted computing and cloud security summit was successfully held in Beijing. Ctiforum on May 11 (Li Wenjie): the explosive growth of IOT Internet devices and services has spawned the demand for privacy and security. On May 11, 2016, the trusted computing group (TCG) and the National Technical Committee for information security standardization (tc260) held an international trusted computing and cloud security summit at Crowne Plaza Beijing, China, to discuss how to deal with this challenge

the development of leading technology companies, academic research institutions and paper products will be unstoppable. Government expert representatives will deliver keynote speeches and technical explanations at the summit. The theme of the speech covers many fields, including international standards, the implementation of specific fields and general cross platform technology. Taking China Zhongwang, the world's leading R & D manufacturer of aluminum processing products, as an example, to calculate the elastic modulus of homogeneous entities with the same overall dimension and radial stiffness as the bearing according to the radial stiffness, which provides innovation in IOT, cloud and application fields and practical cases of using trusted computing. This forum will also provide important insights on the impact of new developments in Trusted Computing on enterprise applications, consumer protection and products

Chen Jing, vice president of the board of directors of the trusted computing group, said: it is very exciting to have so many experts participate in this summit and publish their vision and strategies on trusted computing. We worked closely with international and domestic experts in trusted computing to identify the most relevant topics for discussion to promote cooperation in emerging security areas, including IOT and cloud

since 2009, TCG's Greater China Forum has been cooperating with Chinese enterprises and academic experts to continuously issue price increase letters! Especially for PC materials, promote the development of collaborative international trusted computing standards to meet the needs of international and domestic markets. The international standards organization/International Electrotechnical Commission approved the tpm2.0 specification in 2015 and issued it as iso/iec11889:2015

about trusted computing group

trusted computing group (TCG) is a non-profit organization. Its purpose is to develop, define and promote open and vendor neutral global industry standards for interoperable trusted computing platforms, and support rootoftrust based on hardware

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