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The internationalization road has created conditions for the transformation and upgrading of Wazhou group

the internationalization road has created conditions for the transformation and upgrading of Wazhou group

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the 2014 Shanghai international bearing summit with the theme of "innovation driven development and supporting the dream of a powerful bearing country" was held in Shanghai on September 17. At the meeting, Cong Hong, chairman of Wazhou group, as an enterprise representative, first gave a keynote speech on "thinking and practice of internationalization strategy of Wazhou group"

"the characteristics of the bearing industry determine that the bearing group must take the international road. The experience of the development of world bearing enterprises tells that the bearing group must take the international road. The competitive situation of the bearing industry requires that the bearing group must take the international road." Cong Hong said that under the severe economic situation at home and abroad, while foreign bearing enterprises are competing in China, we should also seize the opportunities of medium and high-end markets to replace imports and develop high-end product exports, seize the opportunities of enterprise mergers and acquisitions and the introduction of high-end talents, take the initiative to speed up the pace of international development, achieve low-cost expansion through mergers and acquisitions, reverse disadvantages, and get out of the quagmire

tile shaft is an old industrial enterprise with a history of more than 70 years. For more than a decade, the bearing shaft has accelerated structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading, and vigorously implemented technological transformation and independent innovation. Through years of accumulation, it now has strong bearing production and R & D capabilities, and has always maintained the leading position in China's bearing industry. However, compared with world-famous bearing groups, there are still gaps such as weak independent innovation ability and technology research and development ability, eager to improve the overall process level and equipment level, urgent need to strengthen the internationalization ability of enterprises, lack of talents and so on. Facing the complex market situation, in order to speed up the development of enterprises and shorten the gap with the world's strong bearing enterprises, Wazhou has formulated a development policy with "breaking through high-end products and the international market as the main direction, and comprehensively implementing the commanding height and internationalization strategy" as the core. Through structural adjustment and independent innovation, it will develop a number of high-end products and seize a number of high-end markets; Through the implementation of market internationalization, supply chain internationalization, resource internationalization, enterprise layout internationalization and high-end talent internationalization, further enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises and build a bearing group with international competitiveness

in the process of joint venture and cooperation with foreign enterprises, Wazhou group realized that it must change the development mode and fully implement enterprise internationalization in order to realize the leap forward development of "Shiranui mysterious light", which shows two situations. On the basis of independent innovation, we should introduce and absorb advanced technology through overseas mergers and acquisitions, and stand on the commanding height of bearing technology; Through overseas mergers and acquisitions, we can build factories outside Fuwai, rely on Fuwai manufacturing and establish overseas marketing networks, expand the competitiveness of ZWZ brand, improve market service capacity, and stand on the commanding height of the market; Through overseas mergers and acquisitions, we can widely absorb and comprehensively benchmark foreign advanced management and advanced concepts, and improve the international management level of enterprises

Cong Hong told the author that the successful experience of Wazhou is to adhere to independent innovation, implement the commanding height strategy, speed up structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading, realize high-end products and internationalization of enterprises. In 2013, waaxle successfully acquired 100% equity of KRW company, a century old bearing enterprise located in Leipzig, an important industrial town in Germany, as an important "pawn" of its internationalization strategy. KRW company is a R & D technology-based enterprise with a history of more than 100 years. After the merger and acquisition of the enterprise, Wazhou has achieved complementarity in technology and products, expanded its international market network, and widely promoted ZWZ brand awareness in Europe

"the experience and Enlightenment of internationalization to Wazhou group are: grasp the opportunity and policy opportunities of M & A, pay attention to the matching and development potential of M & a resources, clarify the strategic positioning of M & A, reduce the operational risk of M & A, make legal preparations before M & A, and overseas M & A needs policy and financial support." Cong Hong said that Wazhou's acquisition of KRW company is part of the international enterprise's strategy of using thick and large cross-section structured development at this stage, combining Wazhou's low-cost business model with KRW's innovation awareness and technical advantages, and based on the continuous expansion of KRW market. Parker company said that it has developed a "unique and innovative" technology, technology, production capacity and brand value. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Wazhou Europe, under the unified strategy of Wazhou group, KRW will maintain the brand of KRW, make in Germany, and implement independent operation and localized management. Through resource integration and technological transformation, KRW company will gradually become the manufacturing base of bearings for high-end industrial equipment in Europe. After processing the signals of sensors and encoders and displaying them on the computer screen, Wazhou acquired KRW company, innovated the enterprise management mode, established the governance structure of the board of directors and the Advisory Committee, maintained the stability of the management team and employees, implemented effective incentive policies, and greatly mobilized the enthusiasm of the management and employees

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