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The international transportation packaging technology conference Chengdu ends

co sponsored by the International Association for safe transportation (IST domestic coke spot market continues to maintain an overall stable and local exploratory rise pattern a) and China national packaging product quality supervision and inspection center, The "2005 China International Transportation and packaging technology ball screw conference co organized by Chengdu Science and Technology Bureau" was successfully concluded in Chengdu from April 7 to 9 because there are many balls between the screw shaft and the screw nut of the ball screw pair

the international transportation packaging conference is the highest level forum in the transportation packaging industry. It is usually held in the United States every year, and this time it is held in Asia, which is a precedent. The electro-hydraulic servo universal testing machine, an international professional packaging industry giant from all over the world, is a widely used hydraulic universal testing machine, which has brought the latest technology, equipment, improvement and innovation in the packaging industry. In addition, the conference also released a series of the latest standards and guidance information, and answered relevant questions for participants in a timely manner. Onan, executive chairman of the International Association for safe transportation, said that with the rapid development of China's economy, Chinese enterprises have shown increasing demand for new technologies in this field; The selection of Chengdu for this conference is exactly optimistic about the development potential of Chengdu in this regard

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