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The application of mobile power supply solutions in three-dimensional storage system

with the development and wide application of computer technology, automatic control technology, information recognition and other emerging technologies, the development of automated three-dimensional storage system (as/rs) is more rapid, and the mature application of mobile power supply and mobile communication system also provides reliable power and signal transmission medium for mobile equipment such as roadway stacker, shuttle car, conveying system and so on. Vahle's mobile power supply and communication products have been widely used in all links of as/rs, mainly including roadway stackers, shuttle cars (including straight-line shuttle cars, circular shuttle cars), EMS monorail conveying system, etc

roadway stacker solution

at present, the way to provide power for roadway stacker is mainly sliding contact line. According to the different installation methods and operation requirements, there are different sliding contact line specifications to choose from, such as row sliding contact line, closed sliding contact line, unipolar combined sliding contact line, etc

various advanced equipment integrators represented by Europe mainly use row type sliding contact wire in recent years, such as using vahle's VKS (3-6 poles) and vks10 (6-10 poles) row type sliding contact wire product series, which are generally installed near the ground. It is characterized by an integrated structure, high strength, space saving and easy installation. At the same time, it meets the German VDE finger safety level certification. Its wide continuous current range is 60~280a, which can meet almost all the application requirements of as/rs; What is most recommended is that this product series can allow vertical cutting (Figure 1). This technology separates the sliding contact line track from the walking track of the stacker mechanically and electrically, avoids the bending of the sliding contact line and the complex installation at the turnout, represents the latest technology of stacker shunting, and greatly improves the convenience of on-site installation and the reliability of use. In order to ensure the continuity of power supply and the stability of signal, the system needs to use double collectors

Figure 1. The row type sliding contact line product series can allow vertical entry

at present, the equipment integrators in the domestic market mostly use closed sliding contact lines in the mobile power supply mode of roadway stackers, such as the KBH (4-5 poles) and MKL (6-10 poles) closed sliding contact line product series of vahle company, which are generally installed in the air. For the straight-line system, or the system with a shunting car, it measures the deformation of the sample in the process of the experiment through the deformation measuring device; System, closed sliding contact line can also be recommended, and its maximum allowable speed is 250 m/min

TGW, a famous German as/rs integrator, has previously used vahle's unipolar combined sliding contact line U10 products in the field of roadway stackers and has been widely used. With the launch of vahle's vks10 products and the maturity of power supply transition technology, TGW's entire line of products have been changed from U10 power supply products to vks10 power supply products. However, this does not mean that the unipolar combined sliding contact line U10 has no market in China. Because there is still a certain gap between the domestic transition technology and the international advanced level, in the transition technology, the domestic is still carried out in the conventional turnout way, and the electrical and mechanical are not separated. The sliding contact line needs to be bent together with the walking track of the stacker, and the characteristics of U10 that can be bent on site determine its priority in the system containing bending arc

Figure 2. The straight through project using U10 products has many translational turnout applications

shuttle power supply solutions

for straight-line shuttle cars, almost all the specifications of sliding contact wires can meet the use requirements; At this time, the selection of its sliding contact line depends on the specific project requirements such as the required number of poles, continuous current, installation mode, etc. Figure 2 shows the straight through project using U10 products, which has many translational turnout applications

for the circular shuttle car, due to its curved part, although all the sliding contact line product series of vahle company can be bent, the bending of most series of products is only carried out in the factory, which requires special bending equipment; The unipolar combined sliding contact wire U10 product has great flexibility because it can be bent on site, and has the advantages of stable performance and convenient installation. The resolution of force value can almost reach 1 in 100000. It is the first choice for the circular shuttle. Its application is shown in Figure 3

Figure 3 unipolar combined sliding contact line U10 product has become the preferred power supply solution for circular shuttle cars because it can be bent on site, has great flexibility, and has the advantages of stable performance and convenient installation.

EMS monorail transmission line power supply solution

EMS (Electrical monorail system) as an important part of logistics transmission system, has been widely used in various industries. After vahle acquired German faba company, it expanded its market share to more than 75% in the application of EMS in the automotive industry, occupying an absolute leading position

vahle's slide wire system not only has stable transmission power, but also can transmit reliable data signals. Powercom 485 is designed by vahle for industrial data bus RS485. This module can provide safe and reliable data communication for industrial fieldbus system, and its transmission rate can reach 187.5kbit/s at most. The front end of powercom 485 has an RS485 interface matching PROFIBUS. Its power supply is 230v/50hz or 115v/60hz. It has high anti-interference ability and can be applied to turnouts, turntables, lifting sections, etc. the maximum internal delay is 3bit. It can be used for point-to-point transmission and bus systems with up to 126 slave stations

sliding contact line positioning system

in the as/rs system, whether it is the horizontal walking and vertical lifting of the roadway stacker, or the moving process of the shuttle or EMS system, it is inseparable from the accurate positioning system. The conventional positioning system includes encoder positioning, coding (strip) positioning system, laser positioning system, etc, The same feature of these positioning systems is that they are independent systems or products separated from the sliding contact line mobile power supply system, and they all have certain application limitations. The new sliding contact line positioning system apos launched by vahle company perfectly combines the sliding contact line system with the positioning system, which not only saves the complicated installation of mechanical accessory structures, but also meets quite high requirements in terms of anti-interference ability and positioning accuracy

vahle-apos positioning system is composed of magnetic coding belt and read-write head, which transmits position signal to the control system through internal interface and comprehensive algorithm. The system relies on highly sensitive read-write head and magnetic coding tape for positioning, and converts the position signal into the working parameters of the logistics control system. Its absolute positioning accuracy can reach +/-1mm, and it can monitor the position normally and reliably in a humid, dusty and low light environment. The conventional output of its read-write head is RS485, SSI or can bus signal

to sum up, vahle company can not only provide a perfect mobile power supply solution for the as/rs industry, but also cooperate with the sliding contact line system to provide a reliable mobile communication system and absolute positioning system at the same time, so as to achieve the purpose of integrating the three functions of power supply, communication and positioning. It not only simplifies the control system 2, digital display spring tension and compression experimental system for customers, but also simplifies the overall mechanical structure design. (end)

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