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On April 20, 2016, the conference on strategic cooperation in the operation of Internet vehicles was held in Fuzhou, with the co sponsors of digital innovation information, car e family, a car and its partners Sinopec SenMei, China Post optional computer control or manual control, postal savings bank of China, Xinqi, well-known domestic insurance institutions Financial Payment institutions jointly launched a car operation service platform centered on car owners. Representatives of domestic well-known automobile OEMs, automobile service providers, and automobile sales brokers also attended the meeting

liaoxiangdong, co-founder and CEO of digital innovation information, delivered a welcome speech. China's auto market is gradually maturing, with the number of private cars reaching 126 million, and the size of the auto aftermarket is expected to reach 770 billion yuan this year. At present, China's automotive aftermarket enterprises are still small and scattered, showing a pattern of competition under the influence of chain brands, capital, e-commerce and insurance. While facing new opportunities, automotive aftermarket sales and services will also accept the impact of new technologies, new concepts and new strategies on the industry itself. Internet + will promote the emergence of segmented industries and new service methods in automotive aftermarket services. He said that the establishment of a benign aftermarket service ecosystem model will gradually become China's automotive sales and aftermarket services market in the future

as a strategic cooperation organization of the Internet vehicle operation platform, Deng Darong, vice president of Sinopec SenMei (we can always put ourselves in the customer's shoes in Fujian) Petroleum Co., Ltd., introduced the energy vehicle after-sales service product car e, which was born in 2014. Car e provides owners with o2o service system based on oil products and after-sales market. Car e has 1million users in Fujian region, and will open a car channel in the near future to provide car purchase We hope to create an innovative marketing model, establish a perfect ecological environment for after-sales services of energy vehicles, provide better car life services for car owners, and provide more comprehensive industrial chain service support for partners

representatives of Brilliance Automotive Group, the first automotive host manufacturer to cooperate with digital information interconnection + automotive operation strategy, attended the conference and participated in the launching ceremony of the Internet automotive operation platform with representatives of digital information, Sinopec SenMei, China Post and China postal savings

launch conference of strategic cooperation in the operation of connected vehicles at the end of 2015, brilliance auto signed a strategic cooperation agreement with digital information, and brilliance auto authorized digital information to be the general operator of e-commerce channels for brilliance auto products. Liu Tongfu, vice president of brilliance auto group, said that this strategic cooperation with digital information created a precedent for the cooperation between brilliance auto and online dealers. In 2016, digital innovation information and brilliance automobile jointly expanded and established new car experience stores nationwide, and was responsible for the exclusive management and operation; Provide sales transformation, vehicle delivery and collection through online automotive media or e-commerce channels through Internet technology; Digital information and brilliance automobile will work together to establish the expansion and cooperation of online and offline channels in addition to the existing 4S stores and other sales networks, and promote the distribution and retail of products; Establish a new sales and after vehicle service platform based on Internet +, integrate energy after vehicle service resources, and provide car owners with a more perfect car life experience. Chen Ran, head of e-commerce Department of brilliance automobile group, also introduced the successful case of brilliance automobile e-commerce platform at the meeting. Brilliance automobile started the marketing mode of auto e-commerce, improved its sales ability, operation ability and efficiency through the Internet + innovation environment, expanded its product advantages and enhanced its brand influence with the help of e-commerce

Sun Yi, co-founder and CMO of digital innovation information, said that digital innovation information is to realize the automotive mobile marketing environment through Internet technology, make the automotive service system centered on the owner, and build a one-stop vehicle service. Digital innovation information first proposed the concept of contract car, and built a contract service framework through a car operation platform to achieve a more comprehensive and convenient one-stop service in terms of oil, insurance, recharge, payment, loan and maintenance services, which will save up to 20% of the cost for car owners in the whole service life cycle. The contract car policy will include: the lifetime discount of the owner's refueling IC card will be as low as 92%; The owner of the car will give 18 - 22 months of fuel allowance; 85% off the first insurance; Enjoy three-year car loan discount and other benefits. At the same time, we should take advantage of the advantages of contract cars to provide more sales leads for car host manufacturers, reduce the inventory of traditional offline sales of cars, and reduce transaction costs, so as to drive the incremental market and further create an innovative car purchase and use experience for car owners. Reduce customer acquisition and operation costs for industrial chain partners and improve value-added service revenue

launch of strategic cooperation on Internet automobile operation in the near future, digital innovation information will also work with host manufacturers to develop new experience stores to facilitate consumers' multi scene experience due to the wide use of ultra-thin mulch film and the lack of residual film recycling technology and mechanism

about digital innovation information

Digital Innovation Information Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as digital innovation information), founded in 2013, is China's first automobile operator. Relying on the integration and application of big data, the material can cool down through sweat evaporation. It focuses on automotive e-commerce and the aftermarket. By integrating the resources of partners in the energy aftermarket chain, it launched an interconnected automobile operation product - a car in 2016, Provide owners with lifelong car solutions based on big data contract package mode, and provide automobile OEMs with an operation platform of innovative automobile sales mode

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