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The international UAV racing Grand Prix was launched, and more than 40 contestants from six countries made a test flight today.

on August 21, in hall N5 of the national Expo Center, the pilots were taking VR glasses on site to control the UAV.

the complex and changeable track of the international UAV racing field.

the pilots were debugging the UAV on site.

in hall N5 of the national Expo Center, a UAV flew over the track.

as one of the important activities of the China International Intelligent Industry Expo (hereinafter referred to as the smart Expo), The international UAV racing Grand Prix was launched on August 23. At present, more than 40 contestants from 6 countries including China, Japan, Austria and Singapore have arrived in Chongqing for a test flight today to prepare for the official competition the next day

this Grand Prix is a high-end international exchange event integrating "professional events, interaction, viewing and experience", which is mainly divided into two parts: UAV racing Grand Prix and UAV innovation carnival. Among them, Japan is the UAV racing Grand Prix, and the 25th is the UAV innovation carnival

"the specification of this competition is very high. The contestants have been carefully screened by us, and they are all top in the world." According to the relevant person in charge of the event's executive party, Beijing Legend geek Management Consulting Co., Ltd., there are many well-known pilots (UAV racing contestants) at home and abroad in the list of this exhibition, such as Paul talon of Germany, Bai Zhirong and Bai Zhihao brothers of Singapore, Li Jiaming and Deng Zhaoming of China. Chongqing learned that five Chongqing native pilots will participate in the UAV race, including Liu Xingyu, Yu you, ran Siqiang, Liu Caixue and Yang Yuanchun

this Grand Prix is hosted by the Organizing Committee of the smart Expo and hosted by the Municipal Commission of economy and information technology and the Banan District government. It aims to integrate science and technology, competitiveness and appreciation, and take the event as a platform to improve the people's awareness and understanding of UAVs, so as to promote the coordinated development and application of UAVs in various fields

the track is complex and changeable, and there is a way for UAVs to race.

the UAVs used for racing are not the same as the UAVs we usually know and use

most of the UAVs we use in daily life are "aerial cameras", which mainly pursue safety and stability; The UAV racing race uses racing UAVs, commonly known as "crossing machines", which are mainly used for competition, and should pursue speed, responsiveness and flexibility

because the fastest flight speed of the racing unmanned aerial vehicle can exceed 200 km/h, this event is also known as the "air F1 competition". However, this kind of speed competition cannot be determined simply by operation

the flight path needs to be planned in advance

since it is faster than "fast", speed is naturally the foundation. As for each player's UAV, once started, it is as powerful as a dragon. According to the staff of the UAV racing Grand Prix, these UAVs used in these competitions are much faster than the UAVs people usually see, and can reach a speed of 40 kilometers per hour immediately after departure

however, drone racing does not mean that drones rush forward recklessly like "lengtouqing". Because the racing track will set many obstacles, if the pilot wants to complete the race, he must first plan the flight path

for example, the track of this UAV racing Grand Prix is equipped with 13 arches, including three consecutive arches with a spacing of less than 1.5 meters. According to the regulations, each contestant's drone must pass through each arch, otherwise it will be illegal. Because the positions of each arch are different, the contestants should think about the specific ways and tracks of passing through each arch when flying

"according to our habitual thinking, the best way may be to pass through each arch in turn along the track, but in fact it is not." The staff told Chongqing that the players could plan different "flying methods" according to the track conditions, so as to save time

for example, for example, there are three arches in a continuous curve, and the first and third are parallel. The flying hand may control the UAV to directly pass through these two arches, and then detour back through the second. This seems to be a "detour", but it can ensure that the flight speed of the UAV will not be reduced due to continuous curves. On the contrary, it saves time and reduces the risk

"three-dimensional" space manufacturing is more difficult

there are many traditional events than speed, such as running, swimming, marathon, etc. In contrast, the UAV racing speed is fast, and there is an elimination method: fill a sufficient amount of oil in the oil tank of the pendulum impact tester. An essential difference is that the stadium is a three-dimensional space

"like F1, although they are all circling, if you want to overtake, you can either go from left or right, because it is two-dimensional. The UAV racing field is three-dimensional, and the players have a lot of operation space." Liu Zefeng is a flying hand from Guangdong Province. He said that from the elimination, all players compete at the same time. In the field with an air height of nearly 6 meters, if you want to surpass your opponent, you can achieve it at any position around it, which is very exciting, whether it is ornamental or competitive

it is precisely because of the three-dimensional space that the flying hand does not have a "focus" during the competition, let alone the concept of "grip", which also increases the difficulty of the competition

Liu Zefeng said that the speed of the four rotors of the UAV used in the competition is very high, so it is not so easy to change the direction, so when racing, most of the time, it is necessary to drift through the trend of obvious recovery after the financial crisis. However, pilots can't feel the change of center of gravity like racing drivers. They can only rely on vision and experience to judge

on-the-spot play determines success or failure

since it is a competitive competition, uncertainty is inevitable. Even experienced pilots cannot avoid on-the-spot mistakes. Therefore, in the UAV race, if you want to be fast, you must have a calm mind and delicate operation

according to the introduction, if the UAV maintains a relatively stable flight altitude, its speed will also be relatively stable; If the fluctuation is too large, the speed must be affected. On the track of this competition, the distance between one arch and the ground is twice that of other arches. When passing through this arch, players should try to pass close to its lower edge, so that the UAV can maintain stability and speed when passing through the next arch

because it is a three-dimensional space, to achieve this operation, the player's operation requirements are quite delicate. According to the staff, in the semi-finals and finals, the level of players is very close. To some extent, oneortwo operation details will determine the final result of the game

in addition, there is a requirement for UAV racing that all players must wear VR glasses to control their equipment from the first perspective. In this way, the players have no spectator perspective, and all emergencies encountered in the competition need to be judged calmly and quickly

"for example, in the continuous arch, from a normal perspective, you can obviously see how many drones pass in what order. It may be easier to judge. But wearing VR glasses, it's hard to say from the first perspective." Liu Zefeng said that in the semi-finals and finals, four drones may be ready to pass through the three arches at the same time. In the first perspective, the area that the flying hand can see is only in the front. How to avoid "bombing" (the drone touches other objects and falls) depends on the players' on-the-spot judgment and experience

UAV race may be comparable to e-sports

with the more and more extensive application of UAVs, the UAV industry is in a new wind

last year, the State Council issued the "development plan for a new generation of artificial intelligence", which proposed to develop consumer and commercial unmanned aerial vehicles and unmanned ships, and establish professional service systems such as test identification, testing and competition

with the rapid development of UAV industry, UAV competition has also quietly appeared in the public view

events become more and rise at an amazing speed

in 2014, a group of UAV enthusiasts in California, the United States, formed the "FPV explorers and athletes" organization, with the initial UAV competition team. In the same year, the European unmanned aerial vehicle interest group "aeronay" shuttled through the French forests with unmanned aerial vehicles at a speed of nearly 70 miles per hour. After the relevant videos were released on the website, they caused strong repercussions, and the unmanned aerial vehicle racing came from this

subsequently, this emerging sport rose at an alarming rate

in April 2015, with the support of the American Model Aircraft Association, the first Santa Cruz FPV (first person perspective) UAV competition was opened; In July of the same year, the first national UAV championship was held in Sacramento, California. In March 2016, the total prize of the world UAV Grand Prix, supported by the Dubai royal family, has reached $1million; In April of the same year, ESPN announced that it would broadcast live a drone race in New York

in China, the UAV race has also quietly appeared, and has been held in Chengdu, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Beijing and other cities. In August 2016, the final of the D1 UAV Asia Cup kicked off, and 2300 spectators watched the game in Shenzhen

it is reported that in recent years, UAV racing events around the world have increased rapidly, forming a business operation mode dominated by professional pilots, sponsors and live media. For example, the unmanned aerial vehicle Sports Association (DSA) reached an agreement with ESPN, which will broadcast the second national unmanned aerial vehicle competition championship live, and the unmanned aerial vehicle competition League (DRL) signed an agreement with British Sky Broadcasting Corporation to broadcast its 10 games on Sky Sports comprehensive channel

it is not difficult to see that the scale of UAV racing events is increasing, and its market potential is gradually being released

it has similar characteristics with e-sports

compared with traditional competitive events, UAV racing has its own characteristics: the speed is as fast as F1 race, and the equipment can be selected. What are the disposal methods for the maintenance of upper and lower temperature tensile testing machine? After discussion, our staff mainly have the following measures to maintain the self refitting of the upper and lower temperature tension test machine hands and the cool competition scene. The core is that the best way to watch the UAV race is not to go to the competition site, but to watch it from a long distance and after the race

in the Internet era, the racing characteristics of unmanned aerial vehicles have also been brought into full play. The competition content will not be limited by time. It will be decomposed into digital images and become video content shared by people on various social software

this feature is very similar to E-sports - players compare reaction speed, almost imperceptible micro manipulation, and quick finger clicks. The main pressure comes from the mental level. Therefore, in addition to live broadcast, through video highlights, slow motion playback and other ways, it is easier for the audience to see how close the competition results are and how exquisite the players' technical actions are

also "smelled" this feature. UAV racing is also mostly based on the e-sports industry as a reference, and even has been professionalized

"there is already a UAV Racing Club in China, a bigger home." The relevant person in charge of Beijing Legend geek Management Consulting Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as geek company) said that the profit-making methods of these clubs mainly include player training, business sponsorship, competition awards, etc., which are similar to today's E-sports clubs

he also said that at present, the corresponding standards for drone racing are being discussed at the national level. Once introduced, it means that drone racing will become a real sport, "E-sports has entered

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