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The international transport packaging forum will hold its first technical conference in China. The 2005 China International Transport Packaging Technology Conference will be grandly held at the Chengdu International Conference Center, China, from April 7 to 8. This conference is the first international conference of the international transport packaging forum held in China. At that time, more than a dozen internationally renowned experts in transport packaging technology will come to China to make speeches, which will greatly improve the export share to emerging countries

the dimensions International Forum on transport packaging is an annual International Forum of the highest level in the field of transport packaging. It is a rubber vibration reduction and isolation bearing, which mainly has several types: high Zuni rubber bearing, natural rubber bearing and lead rubber bearing. It is a forum held internationally by two authorities in the transportation and packaging industry, ISTA (the International Safe Transit Association) and IOPP (the Institute of packaging professionals)

the international transportation packaging forum is usually held in the United States every year, including the latest technologies, equipment and improvements and innovations in the professional packaging industry. International professional packaging industry giants participate in this event every year to maintain the foreword position of technology, management and information in the industry. The content of the forum usually includes keynote speeches, professional discussions, product displays and the selection and issuance of international professional certifications

2005 China International Transportation Packaging Technology Conference is a large-scale event jointly sponsored by ISTA, IOPP and relevant associations of China transportation packaging industry. Transportation packaging technology has been a necessary professional technology for international commodity manufacturing enterprises. Whether in the international or domestic market, transportation packaging will be one of the technologies that strong enterprises must master. With the rapid development of China's economy, Chinese enterprises have shown a growing demand for new technologies in this field. Compared with previous forums, this conference has new highlights:

overview of the international transportation packaging testing technology environment

2005 China International Transportation Packaging Technology Conference is the first international transportation packaging technology conference hosted by the Chinese government so far. Therefore, participating in this conference will enable participants to have the most comprehensive understanding and comparison of this technology and domestic and foreign industry environment and policies in the shortest time

find the best cooperation and investment opportunities

this transportation packaging technology conference will attract many manufacturers and professional enterprises from home and abroad. The fields will be related supporting projects in more than 20 fields, including computers, electronic information, cosmetics, food, chemical industry, national defense, manufacturing, aviation accessories, medical supplies and packaging testing. Participants can pass this conference, Establish the most extensive information in the most convenient way to find the best cooperation opportunities and ideal partners

get the latest technical information

ista and IOPP will release a series of latest industrial technology, standards and guidance information at the meeting, answer various questions of interest to participants, explain relevant issues, and issue special technical training and certification. In addition to the policy information from China National Packaging Association and local associations, there were also information release activities from overseas organizations and relevant well-known enterprises. Participants can get first-hand materials and information

carry out high-level public relations activities

this conference is actually the summit of China's transportation and packaging industry. At that time, many high-level people, including heads of relevant competent ministries and commissions of the central government of China, leaders of the transportation and packaging industry of Lubrizol Life Sciences in charge of provincial and municipal governments, as well as relevant heads and experts of large Chinese enterprises, will attend the conference, which will provide participants with an opportunity to carry out high-level public relations activities

grasp the trend of packaging technology and its economic development in China and the world

this transportation packaging technology conference will hold a series of forums, seminars and product exhibitions, providing a good opportunity for guests to learn about the trend of packaging technology and its economic development in China and the world

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