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Internet car making is a new car making mode

as the world's largest auto production and marketing country, China's auto industry has gradually become a barometer of the global auto industry. Nowadays, the development of the automotive industry is full of challenges under the two major backgrounds of the new normal of epidemic prevention and control and the wave of Internet car manufacturing. Recently, Liang Linhe, director of Sany group and chairman of Sany Heavy Truck, Wu Qiwei, President of Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd., and Yuan song, vice president of Sailun group, participated in the Symposium on "how to deal with the great changes in China's automotive industry" in Xinhua interview, and expounded their personal views on how to develop heavy trucks in the direction of lightweight, Lianhua and high quality

broad prospects for development

intelligent manufacturing will cover the whole industrial chain

heavy truck and parts manufacturers are an important part of the automotive industry. With the development of world economic globalization and market integration, related enterprises such as Sany Heavy Truck and Yuchai are also steadily promoting the process of intellectualization

Liang Linhe believes: "Internet car making is a new car making mode. Truck is a very traditional machinery manufacturing industry, in which there are many traditional state-owned enterprises. I think this industry needs some changes. Sany Heavy Truck has done a lot of exploratory exploration in this industry and learned this business mode. In fact, this is a change in business logic. It does not make money by selling cars, but by traffic. It uses trucks as a means of transportation to make money Get traffic. As long as an enterprise has traffic, it will have broad prospects in the future. "

wuqiwei believes: "The development direction of specialization is very obvious. The demand for market segmentation is completely different from the environment and working conditions. For our power enterprises, we must work with the vehicle enterprises to further refine the market segmentation and working conditions, so that users can fully experience the benefits of professional segmentation. This requires us to work together with the vehicle manufacturers. It includes the verification of the product itself, as well as the response of the new model of our service on sale Use. This is full of challenges for us, but we are ready for it. "

yuan song believes: "The tire industry is actually a traditional sunrise industry, and the quality of tires is of great significance to vehicle safety, which is also the bottom line that Sany and racing wheels have always adhered to. How to make the ten tires of trucks with a weight of more than ten tons of rubber isolation bearings that can reduce the seismic effect in contact with the ground reach the best matching state, and how to achieve the intelligent perception of tire system, which also brings challenges to the entire automotive industry, and we also continue to work in this regard, So that the tires can also be intelligent, there are sensors, and they can also sense the changes in the surrounding conditions. "

meet the national six B standard in advance

plan for a broader future

at present, the country divides the "national six standard" into "national six a" and "national six B" stages. This time, the national six standard is very strict, which has higher requirements for vehicle fuel consumption and power

wuqiwei believes: "The implementation of the new regulations is challenging for us. Yuchai was making relevant preparations five years ago. In addition, we made a bold attempt to introduce a new platform, which is not only to meet the current standard of national six a, but also for national six B, including the standard of national transaction 1.7 that may be implemented five years later. It should be said that we made a plan in advance, and it is because of the advance A plan, our products have also been preliminarily recognized by the market in advance, and the effect is obvious. "

Liang Linhe said: "the national six standard has a great impact on the automotive industry. How should local governments, which are congenitally deficient in the national six phase B standard, cultivate more stringent innovation soil? It is a very severe test for OEMs and automobile manufacturers, as well as for our customers. But we should actively face this challenge. After all, we should jointly defend the blue sky."

at the same time, the lightweight development of cars has also made great contributions to fuel economy and safeguarding the blue sky. Yuan song believes: "In the field of tires, we are a high-tech enterprise. The rolling resistance of tires has a significant impact on emission reduction. Put the experimental board and the pre stripped self-adhesive label in the upper and lower or left and right chucks of the test intelligent electronic tensile test or electronic stripping test machine respectively. We provide customers with ultra-low rolling resistance and promote the direct improvement of fuel economy. In terms of the development of Lianhua, we plan ahead and set a set of tire senses Knowing the standards and protocols of communication, we transfer these data to the processing terminal of the truck and combine them with the background cloud of the truck. After these data feedback, we analyze some relevance and find a better setting scheme. "

adhere to high-quality development

improve driving and riding happiness

as a national pillar industry, the automotive industry seeks breakthroughs in transformation, upgrading and integrated development. At present, there is still room for the development of the domestic automobile market, and the consumption upgrading trend is obvious, which also brings opportunities for the high-quality development of the automobile industry

Liang Linhe believes: "High quality development is first and foremost development. There are two aspects, one is speed, and the other is the effect of development. For Sany Heavy Truck, it is necessary to quickly achieve a breakthrough in the core technology of the main engine plant, including the breakthrough in the whole sales. Because this interconnected car manufacturing model still has its characteristics, but our traditional main engine plant is very difficult to deal with. The second is to have a good profit model and business model, which is fast At the same time, we also pay attention to the prospects of future development. "

Wu Qiwei said, "I understand that high quality comes from the physical quality of products, which fully meets the growing needs of users for quality. The second is business quality. It is also very important for enterprises to continuously innovate in products, management innovation and business model."

yuan Song said: "the slogan of the race round is to make a good tire. What a good tire means is safety and stability. In fact, the source behind it is quality. With the development of some new technologies, we should constantly improve our manufacturing level, which has higher requirements for quality."

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