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The international "three-level jump" achieved the new growth of XCMG machinery

the international "three-level jump" achieved the new growth of XCMG machinery

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Guide: as a leading enterprise in the field of construction machinery, XCMG machinery has set itself the strategic goal of the top three in the global industry. From products to enterprises, and then to the integration of global resources, the company has successfully realized its internationalization strategy through three-level jump. XCMG machinery through innovation engine, brand engine, information engine

as a leading enterprise in the field of construction machinery, XCMG has set itself the strategic goal of the top three in the global industry. From products to enterprises, and then to the integration of global resources, the company has successfully realized its internationalization strategy through three-level jump. XCMG machinery deeply drives internationalization through three engines: innovation engine, brand engine and information engine, and promotes the company to march to a new peak

the demand for construction machinery has warmed up

since April 2011, China's construction machinery industry has continued to encounter the test of market adjustment, falling from a period of double-digit "high growth" to a period of "medium growth"

however, with the passage of time, the construction machinery industry has begun to gradually come out of the trough, and the recent good news has continued to spread. Provide its ultimate users with efficient, reliable and healthy products. According to the data of the Machinery Industry Federation, in 2013, the main business income of machinery industry enterprises was 11.04 trillion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 12.43%, and the total profit was 696.4 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 12.29%. The cumulative order volume of key contact enterprises increased by 5.47% year-on-year, up 1.5 percentage points from the month, indicating that the overall operation of the industry has improved

On October 15, Yan Jianguo, director of the office of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, said that the Chinese Academy of engineering was studying the strategy of strengthening the country, and the construction machinery industry in the machinery industry was expected to be included in the strategy of strengthening the country. Inclusion in the strategy would have a great correction effect on all kinds of disordered competition in the industry, and would undoubtedly be great good news for leading enterprises in the industry such as XCMG machinery

the pace of internationalization is remarkable

on August 31 this year, the China Federation of enterprises and the China Entrepreneur Association jointly released the list of the top 500 Chinese enterprises in 2013. XCMG ranked 119, three places higher than last year; And ranked 44th among the top 500 Chinese manufacturing industries in 2013, up 5 places from last year; The ranking continues to rank first in the national construction machinery industry. In addition, XCMG group was also selected as the 78th largest multinational company in China in 2013

XCMG has made remarkable progress in internationalization over the years

XCMG's international development strategy is divided into "three jumps". The first step is to go global. It has built a global marketing service network of 112 overseas professional dealers, 10 overseas spare parts centers, and more than 350 overseas service stations, with an annual export of 10000 hosts to 159 countries, and the market share of Brazil, Australia, Central Asia, the Middle East and other countries ranking top 3; Bulk products enter developed markets in North America and Western Europe; The annual overseas revenue exceeded US $2.3 billion. In the second jump, enterprises went global, and the Brazilian base and six overseas assembly plants in Eastern Europe, the Middle East and India were put into operation one after another. The third step is to integrate global resources and lay out German and American R & D centers and European procurement centers. XCMG Group acquired German schweiying company with the world's leading technology, and XCMG machinery established a Chinese joint venture with German schweiying company

on October 11, XCMG Europe GmbH opened its new site and the opening ceremony of XCMG European research center and XCMG European procurement center was grandly held in Kleinfeld, North Wales, Germany

"we hope to achieve strategic and management innovation, product and technological innovation through our collaboration with European partners, so as to provide XCMG products with high quality and value for money for the world." This is what Li suoyun, deputy general manager of XCMG, expected of the European Research Center. With the establishment of XCMG Europe Co., Ltd., XCMG European research center and XCMG European procurement center, XCMG will be able to achieve a qualitative leap in strategic investment, key technology research and development, core parts supply chain management and meeting high-end market demand

three engines achieve new growth

"deeply drive internationalization with innovation engine, brand engine and information engine", which is the new growth power XCMG machinery seeks to promote transformation and upgrading

internationalization driven by innovation engine is mainly reflected in three aspects:

first, building a high-end technology engine. XCMG has established corresponding innovative cooperation with nearly 40 high-end research institutions around the world to form XCMG's internationally leading proprietary technology; Second, build a high-end talent engine. The global R & D centers and manufacturing bases fully invested by XCMG, such as the European R & D center and the Brazilian factory that have just started operation, as well as the four new regions that have been brought into our investment vision in the near future, director Zhang Weihua told us, will quickly gather global high-end technology and management talents for XCMG; The third is to build a core component technology engine. XCMG group has successfully merged and acquired AMCA company in the Netherlands and FT Company in Germany, as well as the European procurement center just operated, which will rapidly improve the research and development capacity of XCMG's core components

"XCMG XCMG, help you succeed". It has become a familiar advertising word. XCMG takes brand as the second strategic engine, launches deep drive, and integrates XCMG products 4 Standardized management of global market channel resources of end wear testing machine brand; Through the deep integration with international high-end brands, we will jointly enhance the reputation of XCMG brand; We will unswervingly follow the high-quality product line with localization characteristics, and provide the most valuable overall solutions for engineering equipment for global users

information engine is XCMG's third largest strategic engine. XCMG will focus on the informatization means of cloud computing to realize "three cloud drives": "management cloud drive" will manage the global model replication of DNA; "Service cloud drive" will be responsible for the real-time response of global remote diagnosis; "Business cloud driven" emphasizes global business intelligence collaboration. "Three cloud drive" helps to connect XCMG's branches and stakeholders around the world, so as to realize the real-time and in-depth integration of various resource information

Wang Min, chairman and party secretary of XCMG group, is full of confidence in the future of the company. He said: "for XCMG's development goal, we need to spend about five years to enter the top three in the global industry, not only the sales scale, but the comprehensive indicators. We should have the determination and courage to reach the top, and occupy a place in the top three in the world industry, and as long as we go up, we won't come down. Caterpillar has been the big brother of the industry for decades, and I think this is XCMG's goal."

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