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Mature international thinking Sany Heavy Industry of the national "two sessions" was praised

mature international thinking Sany Heavy Industry of the national "two sessions" was praised

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Guide: Chinese enterprises have had very successful examples of going global, just like Sany Heavy Industry broadcast on TV the day before yesterday. On the afternoon of March 2, at the press conference of the fifth session of the 11th CPPCC National Committee, spokesman Zhao Qizheng said. On March 3, the 2012 national two sessions officially kicked off

"there have been successful examples of Chinese enterprises' going global ', such as Sany Heavy Industry, which was broadcast on TV the day before yesterday." On the afternoon of March 2, at the press conference of the fifth session of the 11th CPPCC National Committee, spokesman Zhao Qizheng said

on March 3, the 2012 national "two sessions" officially kicked off. Under the background of the European debt crisis, the topic of internationalization of Chinese enterprises once again became the focus. Sany Heavy Industry, which has just acquired Putzmeister, Germany, is obviously affirmed by the central level to promote the transformation of old and new kinetic energy

eliminate the "differences of imagination"

the affirmation of Sany is related to its skilled international experience

transnational and must tighten the oil return valve often has various risks. The number one "killer" often comes not from the misunderstanding after collision, but from the "imagined differences" before the beginning of integration

those "imaginary differences" often highlight their great lethality due to improper communication

"as we all know, a famous example of being blocked by foreign countries without success is the failure of CNOOC's transaction to compete with Unocal in the United States. A report of the U.S. Senate pointed out that one of the reasons for CNOOC's failure is that it did not carry out effective public diplomacy to eliminate the opposition of the government and the people." Zhao Qizheng said

when acquiring Putzmeister, Sany Heavy Industry also encountered "differences of imagination". As soon as the news of the acquisition came out, local workers in Germany broke out in protest. On the day of the press conference, Xiang Wenbo, President of Sany Heavy Industry, made a timely and unequivocal "commitment not to lay off staff"; Subsequently, the founder and senior management team of Putzmeister also quickly communicated with German workers, and the differences were soon eliminated

at the government level, Sany's acquisition was not obstructed. Its smooth sailing has something to do with its strategic investment in the bedburg Industrial Park three years ago

on January 29, 2009, the signing ceremony of the investment agreement between Sany and the German Norwich state government was held at the German Chancellor's office. It was amazing that Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao (5) with three-level management authority and German Chancellor Merkel witnessed this China's largest industrial investment project in Europe. This large investment has not only brought a little warmth to the economy of North Wales in the cold winter of the economy, but also created new employment opportunities for German natives. In the following three years, Sany German company vigorously recruited local talents and produced localized products, and the "differences of imagination" were also eliminated

Zhao Qizheng commented that the "going out" of Chinese enterprises is still in its infancy on the whole, because enterprises still lack in-depth understanding and comprehensive grasp of the international market, are not familiar with international practices and prevailing rules, and are not good at public diplomacy with local governments

the investment in Germany and the acquisition of Putzmeister, taking into account all resources, seems to show that Sany is familiar with international practices and general rules

"all approvals have been passed in Europe." A few days ago, Norbert scheuch, CEO of Putzmeister, announced the approval progress of this acquisition in Europe

In fact, Sany Heavy Industry is not a newcomer to the integration of "elephant". Since the initial internationalization strategy began, its overseas experience has been accumulated for nearly ten years

Xiang Wenbo once said, "internationalization is a tough battle that must be fought. Sany regards it as the third entrepreneurship."

according to Sany Heavy Industry, the first two startups were enterprise start-ups and company listings. And this third time is no easier than the first two. In Xiang Wenbo's view, the acquisition of Putzmeister is "just an unexpected strategic acquisition". This opportunity is difficult to appear, even in imagination, but it helps Sany gradually form a set of mature internationalization logic

in the past decade, the internationalization of Sany has been divided into three stages: the export stage from 2002 to 2005, the overseas base investment stage from 2006 to 2009 and the localization stage from 2009

Sany is the construction machinery enterprise that has the most courage and is the first to invest in building its own R & D and production base overseas. At the same time, it is also the enterprise that has invested and built the most overseas bases and put into operation the earliest overseas bases

since 2006, Sany Heavy Industry has successively set up factories in many countries around the world: India in November 2006, the United States in September 2007, Germany in May 2009, Brazil in February 2010, and Indonesia in April 2011. It is worth mentioning that these investment projects are completely different from the "small fight" of the internationalization of general enterprises. Sany's goal is to establish an industrial park and build it into a fully localized R & D, manufacturing and sales base

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