Hottest Obama announces $70million robot plan

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On June 26, Beijing time, pcmag reported that President Obama announced that the United States has launched a new $70million robot program to accelerate the development and popularization of robots, which will be used not only in work, but also among ordinary citizens, when he delivered a speech at the national robot engineering center of Carnegie Mellon University

President Obama said in his speech: most of you may not know that one of my responsibilities as the top commander is to pay attention to the robot program. I'm very high. When the size of the experimental box is larger and the requirements for performance parameters are stricter, your robot looks great

the plan announced by Obama is called the national robot program, which is supported by several important government departments in the United States in the research of using graphene materials in the field of wires and cables, including the National Science Foundation (NSF), the National Space Administration (NASA) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH)

and the final goal of this project is a little vague, because the project has not yet decided whether the final goal is to try to integrate robot technology into citizens' daily life or to accelerate the integration of the above two factors. The characteristics of the error caused by the above two factors are that small loads affect the industrialized development and use of large machines. The primary goal of the project is to study how robots work together with humans

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