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The current problems and corresponding countermeasures in the carton industry

corrugated box production has developed rapidly in recent ten years due to its simple process, low technical content, less equipment investment, large social demand and many other factors, especially the rapid development of Sino foreign joint venture, wholly foreign-owned and cooperative carton enterprises. In addition, domestic large-scale product group companies run their own carton enterprises and private and self-employed enterprises. According to incomplete statistics of relevant data, There are more than ten thousand carton Enterprises above county level nationwide. Towns, streets, and privately run carton factories greatly exceed the above figures. In Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shandong, Guangdong, Tianjin and other provinces and cities with rapid economic development, due to the excessive number of factories, the contradiction between production and marketing is quite prominent, most carton enterprises are in trouble, and the number of enterprises that stop production, change production, and close down is increasing. According to the investigation of the carton industry by the Shanghai Packaging Association Paper Committee, the problems generally include the following aspects

first, there is a lack of overall layout in the construction of the factory, and the macro control is out of balance.

carton production is mainly for the supporting sales of local products. In the process of market economic development, due to the lack of overall layout by relevant government departments, workers, farmers, businessmen, soldiers, carton enterprises in all walks of life, and a large number of foreign businessmen have come to Shanghai to set up Sino foreign joint ventures, cooperative and wholly-owned carton enterprises. At present, there are more than 60 such enterprises. Most of them have large investment scale, introduce advanced production equipment and modern management means, and have certain market competitiveness. Some large enterprise groups have a large demand for carton packaging. Considering the internal packaging support of the group, arrange redundant personnel to take up posts, reduce internal capital outflows and other factors. More than 10 large group enterprises have set up carton factories in Shanghai. They mainly produce and use their own products, so as to expand social business. In addition, some township and street enterprises have been closed due to various factors. The factory directors and salesmen of these factories use their businesses to run many small individual carton factories by themselves and jointly. At present, there are nearly 600 large, medium and small carton enterprises in Shanghai alone

second, the competition among enterprises is not equal, and some enterprises are difficult to survive.

corrugated boxes are low profit products. Under the condition of full production, enterprises can still operate normally. Now many carton enterprises are competing, which is bound to cause a situation of supply exceeding demand. There are state-owned, joint venture, cooperative, joint office, Township Office, subdistrict office, school office, military office, private office, etc. in the carton production plant, the composition is very complex. Due to different ownership systems, the state has different policies towards enterprises. State owned and old collective enterprises are overburdened and under too much pressure, making it difficult for enterprises to survive. Some enterprises have certain advantages in enjoying some preferential policies of the government, especially welfare enterprises in the civil affairs system and school run enterprises in the education system. Chinese foreign joint ventures enjoy the preferential tax policies of tax exemption for many years and self import of base paper when they are established. Based on their policy advantages, these enterprises compete for business by lowering the price of cartons. Based on the market, their comprehensive technology has reached the international advanced level. The industry has a strong response to this kind of unfair competition. With the diversification of market competition means, some enterprises that have high management costs and heavy burdens and cannot adapt to the development of the situation are in trouble, stopping production or changing production. Shanghai packaging and decoration company has more than 20 state-owned carton factories, most of which have been shut down and transferred in recent ten years. The remaining two enterprises are also in a bad situation. There are few Chinese enterprises in the carton industry

third, large and medium-sized enterprises are generally insufficient to start up, and the equipment is empty

in recent years, Shanghai large and medium-sized carton enterprises have invested in technological equipment transformation to enhance their market competitiveness. According to the author's investigation, 60 corrugated board production lines and corresponding supporting equipment were invested from 1993 to 1998, which greatly enhanced the technical content, improved the quality level of carton products, and enhanced the market competitiveness. As the production capacity of advanced equipment greatly exceeds the market demand, the average startup rate is not more than 50%. According to the annual demand of corrugated boxes in Shanghai market is about 4.5 billion yuan. At present, the annual sales output value of each production line can reach 60million yuan. The production capacity of 73 production lines in the city is 4.38 billion yuan, plus the production capacity of 90 sets of single-sided machines is 1.35 billion yuan. The sum of the two items is 5.73 billion yuan, which has exceeded the market demand. In addition, the production capacity of more than 300 single machine manual small enterprises is not included, and the contradiction between supply and demand is very prominent

IV. small carton enterprises lack competitiveness and are difficult to survive.

small carton enterprises have problems such as poor equipment, poor product quality, poor management level, low quality of workers, and less production funds. Most of these enterprises are Township, village, neighborhood, school, and private enterprises. Due to the inability to invest in the transformation of technical equipment, the product quality is poor, so we can only participate in the market competition by reducing the price of cartons. This means of competition can only make enterprises more and more in trouble. In recent years, more than 70 small carton factories have been closed by member enterprises of the paper Committee of Shanghai Packaging Association. According to the Nanjing carton Association, more than 30 small carton factories were closed in 1998

v. the situation of "dragging, owing and pressing" accounts payable by users is very serious, which is difficult for enterprises to bear.

in recent years, the phenomenon of users defaulting on the accounts payable of carton enterprises is very serious. According to the survey materials of the paper Committee of Shanghai Packaging Association, the average arrears of the industry account for 28% of the total sales, 49% of users can pay within 60 days, 25% of users can pay within 90 days, and 26% of users pay more than 90 days. A few users do not pay within one or two years, and some user enterprises break down and cause dead accounts. Due to the long-term non payment of some users, the carton enterprises were forced to appeal by legal means. Some were adjudicated by the court to be fruitless, and some paid in the form of product mortgage, which made it difficult for the enterprises to deal with and suffered economic losses compared with other engineering plastics in terms of Mechanical properties. The above situation caused the carton enterprises to have a very tight liquidity, unable to buy raw materials and forced to stop production. Some reputable enterprises were forced to borrow loans from banks, increasing interest payments and increasing production costs. Some users knew that there was a contradiction between supply and demand in the carton industry, and they defaulted on their payables everywhere. Some users pressed down the carton price everywhere and increased rebates

VI. The production license lacks the strength of supervision and investigation, and the response is strong.

since the corrugated box production license system was implemented nationwide in 1994, most large and medium-sized enterprises have taken the initiative to apply for production licenses, and have made good improvements in enterprise management, quality supervision, technical equipment transformation, testing means, etc. Through the examination and acceptance, there has been obvious progress and improvement. However, some small-scale, irregular and individual carton enterprises attach great importance to the work of obtaining evidence, and have not applied for production licenses so far. 2. The relevant departments of these carton enterprises without training certificates lack corresponding measures. It did not carry out supervision and inspection in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state on the issuance of production licenses, and let it go. This has hindered the normal progress of the bid and review work. The response of licensed enterprises is very strong. Production with and without licenses is the same. What is the role of production licenses

in view of the above problems, the author puts forward some suggestions to the relevant government departments and association enterprises

1. It is suggested that the provincial and Municipal Economic Commission, Foreign Investment Commission, industry and commerce, civil affairs and other government departments should strictly control the new carton enterprises, strengthen macro-control, listen to the opinions of the industry association when approving the plant construction projects, and propose to establish an equal competition mechanism to strictly prevent fraud in applying for welfare and school run enterprises, We will make policy adjustments to the common problem of market competition inequality caused by the double tax exemption policy

2. It is suggested that all enterprises and superior competent departments carefully consider adding corrugated board production line equipment. First of all, we need to conduct market research and whether the users in our hands can expand their business volume. The focus of the enterprise is how to increase the number of users on the basis of national standards. Whether the energy of the production line can be reached and the undue economic losses of the enterprise caused by blind construction can be prevented

3. Solve the two major problems of insufficient startup of corrugated board production line and the lack of market competitiveness of small carton factories. The association and enterprises must implement the new pattern of cooperative production of centralized board and decentralized box making within the industry. The association must do a good job in large, medium and small carton enterprises, play a media role, and formulate a fair and reasonable cardboard processing price within the industry. Making the supply and demand sides profitable and giving full play to the enthusiasm of both sides, Shanghai Packaging Association has made a lot of promotion and publicity in recent years, and has made practical progress. After the author's investigation of 12 corrugated board production line enterprises, 115 small enterprises have purchased 14.131 million square meters of cardboard from production line enterprises in 1998, and the sales output value has reached 48.6 million yuan, which is deeply welcomed by small carton enterprises

4. The association tries its best to do a good job in "delaying, owing and pressing" accounts payable for enterprises, Formulate Interim Provisions on industrial accounts receivable, take necessary mandatory measures for users and collect part of the advance payment from new users, formulate a strict accounts receivable system and a contract system for business personnel within the enterprise, improve the order contract system, and strengthen internal management. The association regularly collects the data of users' arrears, and issues internal notifications to enterprises for users with long arrears and large amounts and users who appeal to the court, so that enterprises can attract attention when accepting users' orders

5. It is suggested that the relevant production license issuing departments should strictly implement the relevant provisions of the government on the production license system, listen to the strong voices of carton enterprises everywhere, strengthen the investigation and punishment of unlicensed production, and never let it go, so as to promote the normal progress of application and review

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