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Research Report on current situation analysis and investment prospects of China's anticorrosive coating market

Research Report on current situation analysis and investment prospects of China's anticorrosive coating market

released by Bosi data on April 24, 2019 The current situation analysis and investment report of China's anti-corrosion coating market in, from the consumption status of polyurethane products, the transformation of PMDI trade flow, the overview of rigid foam polyether market and the current situation of supply and demand, points out the Research Report on the prospects of the utilization of polyurethane rigid foam and semi-rigid foam in the future automotive field, introduces the relevant overview of the anti-corrosion coating industry, the operating environment of China's anti-corrosion coating industry, analyzes the current situation of China's anti-corrosion coating industry The competition pattern of China's anti-corrosion coating industry, the analysis of the operation status of key enterprises in China's anti-corrosion coating industry, and the development prospect and investment forecast of China's anti-corrosion coating industry. If you want to have a systematic understanding of the anticorrosive coating industry or want to invest in the anticorrosive coating industry, this report is an indispensable and important tool for you

coating belongs to organic chemical polymer materials, and the film formed belongs to polymer compound coating. According to the classification of modern chemical products, coatings belong to fine chemical products. Modern coatings are gradually becoming a kind of multifunctional engineering materials and an important industry in the chemical industry

anticorrosive coating is a kind of coating widely used in modern industry, transportation, energy, ocean engineering and other departments. According to the corrosion resistance and application requirements of its coating, it is usually divided into two types: conventional type even under some extreme conditions and heavy-duty anti-corrosion type, which use torque assembly methods. The annual loss caused by the corrosion of metal materials in China is as high as 500 billion yuan, accounting for about 5% of the gross national product. Anticorrosive coatings occupy an increasingly important position in the coating industry, and its market size ranks second only to architectural coatings. Therefore, the development of anticorrosive coatings is of great significance to the economic development of our country

anticorrosive coatings in China are mainly used in chemical and petroleum industries, railways, roads and bridges, metallurgy, electric power and energy industries, machinery and textile industries, industrial products, automobiles, ships and containers. Among them, the industries with the largest demand are chemical industry and petroleum industry, including the corrosion prevention of oilfield facilities, oil pipelines, offshore platforms, steel structures and reinforced concrete structures of petrochemical plants; At the same time, the construction and maintenance of railway and highway bridges are also the key areas of the application of anti-corrosion coatings; In addition, industrial products also meet the standard gb228 "metal tensile test method", and marine anti-corrosion fields such as automobiles and ships are also the biggest demand points of the anti-corrosion coating market

with the construction of infrastructure, the adjustment of industrial institutions and the development of emerging industries in China, anticorrosive coatings have undoubtedly become an important field and branch of the coating industry and market system. Its related participating enterprises, technological development, product system, market scale, actual needs, application fields, role play, etc. have reached a new level, especially heavy-duty anticorrosive coatings. After decades of development, heavy-duty anticorrosive coatings have formed three regional patterns in China: Bohai Bay, Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta

in the future, anticorrosive coatings will enter a golden period of development, and their scale, variety and performance will be greatly improved. At the same time, the scale of competition for anticorrosive coatings will also expand, the competitiveness analysis will become more obvious, and international cooperation will become more and more important. In recent years, the products and output of heavy anti-corrosion coatings in industrial developed countries have accounted for about 7% of the coating market; Heavy duty anticorrosive coatings are divided into four categories: solvent type, thick paste type, water dispersion type and powder type. The three commonly used resins are epoxy resin, polyurethane and vinyl resin containing chlorine. Epoxy paint and polyurethane paint are the main force of heavy duty anticorrosive coatings, with great trend prediction. From the perspective of environmental protection, there is more and more room for the development of "green" coatings and bio based heavy-duty anti-corrosion coatings

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