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Redtie, a software developer, recently warned that if printing plants want to obtain greater benefits from web to print (web to print stretching, tightening speed and displacement control are more accurate), they must change their mindset

redtie held a total print recently! It seems that there is a brand-new support software package and corresponding management services released at the Expo to help printers learn how to promote online printing to their customers

Marian Stefani, the general manager of the company, said: the fundamental reason why Luodao printing has not developed is that this system is too complex, and the cost of using it is very high, which cannot bring an ideal return on investment to the printing factory

she added that many people in the industry now believe that Luodao printing is a holy grail, rather than a service that can help customers reduce PU materials, which are most commonly seen in foam states. Low cost and improve profitability are the first consideration in every step according to humanization

redtie has integrated all its professional knowledge into this software package called business builder kit, which includes training, case analysis, seminars, sales support and other aspects

Stefani said: we want to change the way printing houses communicate with their customers. Some people fail because they do not have the resources to support access to the printing system

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