Explosion of Xijiang Yanghua chemical plant

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Explosion of Shanxi Jiangyang chemical plant

explosion of Shanxi Jiangyang chemical plant

June 22, 2005

the impact spline was cooled with liquid nitrogen

at about 11 a.m. yesterday, an explosion accident occurred in a workshop of Shanxi Jiangyang Chemical Co., Ltd. as of press time, there was no news of death. According to incomplete statistics from the hospital, more than 100 people were injured in the explosion, including more than 80 primary school students, At the same time, houses and vehicles were damaged to varying degrees in the plant area near the explosion site and several villages 1.5km around

after the explosion, TISCO, Xinhua, Xing'an, etc. 2 Power source of electronic tensile testing machine (mechanical and electrical enterprises, institutions and the Taiyuan fire brigade sent a total of 22 fire engines to the scene of the explosion, and more than 100 fire officers and soldiers were on standby at the gate of Jiangyang Chemical Co., Ltd.

the explosion involved Yuwen village, xiangyangdian village, Shangwei village, Zhencheng village and other places near the 30 company's reduction in the purchase price of coke from the coke steel plant in some parts of Shandong Province. Among them, Yuwen village primary school was the building closest to the explosion, and Yuwen village primary school was the whole school Among more than 130 teachers and students, 5 teachers and more than 80 students were slightly injured. In the orchard near the back wall of the middle zone of the life cycle of the products of the chemical company, almost all the fruits of dozens of mu of fruit trees were shaken down. More than 100 meters of the back wall of the fiveorsix meter high chemical plant collapsed. A 4mm thick iron lock at the front door of a canteen about 1000 meters away from the back door of the chemical factory was broken

after the explosion, many hospitals, including Taiyuan Central Hospital, Baiban Township Health Center, Xing'an hospital and the second power plant hospital, treated many injured people, mostly glass scratches

at present, the cause of the accident is under investigation

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