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Explosion proof overview of alcohol and alcohol (ethanol)

1 The nature of alcohol alcohol, scientific name ethanol. It is an organic compound composed of carbon, oxygen and hydrogen. Its molecular formula is C2H5OH and its molecular weight is 46, The molecule contains hydroxyl (- Oh, which is the functional group of alcohol. Generally speaking, the alcohol contains 95% ethanol, while anhydrous ethanol is as high as 99%. Ethanol is a colorless, transparent and volatile liquid, with a specific gravity of 0.73, a boiling point of 73.3 ℃, a flash point of 9 ℃, a spontaneous combustion point of 422 ℃, a freezing point of - 130 ℃. It can be 1) it is designed to mix with water at will. When ethanol evaporates and mixes with air, it can form explosive gas mixture, and its explosive concentration limit is 3.3-19%. When burning, it shows a light blue flame and emits a large amount of heat energy. According to the measurement, the safe combustion of ethanol can release 1372kj/mol of heat, react with alkali metal sodium and potassium to produce hydrogen, react with inorganic acid to produce flammable and explosive substances, such as heating with concentrated sulfuric acid to produce dehydration reaction and ethylene. When the temperature is controlled at 140 ℃, ether can be produced. It is both a paralyzing agent and a flammable and explosive substance. Ethanol reacts with nitric acid to form ethyl nitrate, which will explode violently when heated. 2. nature of Baijiu why should Baijiu do this? Since it is impossible for a cushion to fit everyone - they are very personalized: a cushion suitable for one person may not be suitable for others. The main ingredients are ethanol and water, and contain trace organic acids, fats, aldehydes and other organic compounds. The degree of alcohol refers to the alcohol content. The risk of alcohol combustion and explosion is also determined by the amount of alcohol in the wine. The higher the ethanol content, the lower the flash point, and the greater the risk of explosion and fire. See Table 1. Table 1 flash point of ethanol aqueous solution ethanol content in solution (%) flash point (℃) ethanol content in solution (%) flash point (℃) 259511.52036. Generally, the speed regulation range is narrow. If there is high speed, there will be no low speed or if there is low speed, there will be no high speed 755 - it can be seen from the table that the flash point of all solutions containing more than 40% ethanol is below 28 ℃. The test results of "Yunhe Tequ" and "Jingu Laojiao" produced in Tianjin show that the flash point of "Yunhe Tequ" is 24 ℃, the lower explosive concentration limit is 3.5%, and the explosive pressure is 0.35Mpa. When the steam concentration rises to 8%, the explosion pressure can reach 0.816mpa. The flash point of "Jingu Laojiao" is 26 ℃, the lower limit of explosion concentration is 4.3%, the explosion pressure is 0.435mpa, and the maximum explosion pressure can reach 0.79mpa. It can be seen from the test data that the lower explosive concentration limit and the maximum explosive pressure concentration of "Yunhe Tequ" ethanol are close, and the explosive pressure and pressure rise rate of alcohol once it explodes are also close to that of ethanol and gasoline. The table shows the comparison between absolute ethanol and the change of vapor pressure of Jingu Laojiao with time. Table 2 change of vapor pressure with time vapor pressure mpa0 (s) 20 (s) 40 (s) 1 (min) 2 (min) 5 (min) 10 (min) 20 (min) 40 (min) absolute ethanol Jingu Laojiao 9 as shown in Table 2, the dynamic neutral system (Dynesys) of spinal device includes pedicle screws. The longer the time, the greater the evaporation. If the storage container of wine is not well sealed and stacked in an approximately closed space, the alcohol vapor is easy to reach the explosion concentration limit. It is estimated that as long as 13.6g to 78.18 of ethanol in a 200kg wine barrel is completely evaporated and completely mixed with the air in the barrel, it can explode in case of open fire. Therefore, no matter which type of Baijiu is brewed, the ethanol content is 40-60%, and the flash point below 28 ℃ is a flammable liquid with medium flash point

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