Export growth of SEC butyl acetate at Changzhou po

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The export of SEC butyl acetate at Changzhou port increased rapidly after the first batch of 2000 tons of SEC butyl acetate was successfully exported to Singapore. According to the statistics of Changzhou inspection and Quarantine Bureau, in September, Changzhou port exported 4 batches of SEC butyl acetate, about 9000 tons, with a value of nearly ten million dollars

sec butyl acetate is a class III hazardous chemical, which is mainly used as a solvent, chemical reagent, commissioning spice, etc. At present, China's import and export situation is relatively severe, and relevant research results have obtained 7 authorized invention patents. In order to promote the export of SEC butyl acetate and serve the local economic development, Changzhou inspection and Quarantine Bureau has taken a number of service measures: first, early intervention, combined with the determination of the dangerous characteristics of the export goods of the deformed device, the supervision plan has been formulated in advance to ensure the safety of storage, transportation and other links; The second is to open up a green channel, designate a special person to track the service, and help enterprises quickly go through the inspection procedures; Third, scientifically accept the inspection results of the third-party inspection agency, avoid repeated inspection, and ensure the rapid customs clearance of goods

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