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Ministry of industry and information technology: during the Spring Festival, the consumption of mobile data traffic increased explosively

according to the station of the Ministry of industry and information technology, during the Spring Festival, basic telecom enterprises actively did a good job in various communication support work, took measures to ensure the safe, smooth and stable operation of the communication network, and provided high-quality communication services for the majority of users. In combination with the business characteristics of the Spring Festival holiday, a number of preferential promotional activities have been carried out to benefit and facilitate the people, which better meet the traffic consumption needs of the majority of users and effectively promote the consumption of the Spring Festival holiday

mobile data traffic consumption increased explosively during the Spring Festival. The Spring Festival featured services launched by Internet enterprises such as new year's greetings and red envelopes have become the mainstream way of surface quality entertainment that can be used directly after demoulding. According to the official data of Alipay, on the new year's eve of 2016, the total number of red envelopes received and sent reached 8.08 billion, eight times that of 2015, the number of participants reached 420million, and the peak number of red envelopes received and sent reached 409000 per second. In the interactive activities of the CCTV Spring Festival Gala, the total number of Alipay wheezes reached 324.5 billion, and each process took less than 1 second, with a peak of 21billion times/minute. The popularity of 4G networks, the increase of access rate, the decrease of traffic charges and the interconnection of New Year greetings have prompted users to consume 127.803 million g of mobile Internet traffic during the Spring Festival holiday, 2.6 times that of 2015. Each user uses 135.7m on average, 50% higher than the daily traffic. On New Year's Eve, the consumption of mobile data traffic was 18.767 million g, a year-on-year increase of 1.6 times. The peak period of mobile data traffic is the first day of the lunar new year. The mobile data traffic on that day is 1979.99 million g, with a year-on-year increase of 2.83. Drop hammer: impact drop hammer: the mass is 5-5.01kg times. The traditional short MMS and new year's greetings decreased significantly. Within seven days of the Spring Festival holiday, the number of mobile SMS messages sent nationwide reached 13.96 billion, only two-thirds of that in 2015; Mobile outgoing calls totaled 73.39 billion minutes, a year-on-year decrease of 4.5%. On New Year's Eve, 4.75 billion SMS messages were sent, a decrease of 40%

high quality, high efficiency and many measures have effectively ensured the smooth and smooth network. All telecom enterprises implement the work requirements of the Ministry of industry and information technology, and carry out targeted network monitoring and communication support. We will focus on strengthening communication support in key areas such as the return journey of Spring Festival travel, Spring Festival Gala venues, temple fairs and tourist attractions, actively respond to the traffic peak during the Spring Festival, and effectively ensure the quality of users' network access. During the Spring Festival, Chinatelecom guaranteed a total of 17957 person times, including 16399 person times on duty, 1302 person times of emergency support, 256 person times of on-site and peripheral support at the Spring Festival Gala, and 145 times of emergency support vehicles for drugs and agricultural products. Before the festival, China Mobile completed the patrol inspection of more than 20000 equipment, and dispatched 49 emergency communication vehicles to the personnel gathering area for on-site communication support. On New Year's Eve, there were 16000 on-site support personnel. China Unicom focuses on network optimization testing in hot spots, verifying the configuration of base stations in involved areas and expanding capacity in a timely manner. During the Spring Festival guarantee period, the national communication network operated smoothly, without major failures and complaints from important customers, and there were no network safety problems and major emergencies

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