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Organic chemical raw materials: the export of ethyl acetate increased significantly in 2009 according to the statistics of Jiangyin inspection and Quarantine Bureau, the export of ethyl acetate at Jiangyin port in 2009 reached 198 batches, 138000 tons, and the value of goods was US $98.42 million. Compared with 87 batches, 81900 tons and US $75.49 million exported in 2008, the batch, weight and value of goods increased by 72%, 68% and 30% respectively. In Asia, Japan, South Korea, India and South Asian countries, although the size of samples used is small, they are mainly exported to the Netherlands, Turkey and Egypt

ethyl acetate is mainly used in "new energy vehicles"; IGBT modulesrdquo The 10 specifications of new energy automobile copper materials of laminated busbar and battery plate are very important organic chemical raw materials and excellent industrial solvents. They are widely used in the production of man-made fiber, synthetic rubber, resin, etc., as well as the synthesis of dyes and some pharmaceutical intermediates. It is also one of the synthetic flavors with large consumption in edible essence

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