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An explosion in a waste chemical plant in Dongguan resulted in one death and one serious injury

the accident occurred when waste collectors of a chemical plant in Xiaohe village, Daojiao blindly operated and cut oil tanks, resulting in an accident

"Bang..." at about 8:00 a.m. yesterday (March 23), a huge noise and explosion occurred in a waste chemical plant near Chuangxin Road, Xiaohe village, Daojiao town. The huge noise and vibration woke many nearby residents from their sleep, The accident eventually resulted in one death and one serious injury. According to the investigation of the safety supervision department of Daojiao Town, the accident was caused by the explosion caused by the oxygen welder cutting the oil tank when the waste buyer built a new polymer production line to recover the waste products on the site, which led to tragedy. At present, the police have been involved in the investigation, and the injured are still being treated in the hospital

incident: an explosion occurred in the plant, emitting thick smoke

less than 8 a.m. yesterday (March 23), a loud noise and thick smoke suddenly came from a factory on creative South Road in Xiaohe village. Nearby residents said that they felt a shock at their feet and saw white smoke rising in the factory before they knew that there was an explosion in the factory. "But we didn't see what exploded." Witnesses told

then rushed to the scene. At the gate of the incident factory, the police and relevant staff of the village committee had blocked the scene. The police investigated the scene of the accident

subsequently, a person familiar with the matter told us that the oil tank exploded in the factory, and the factory had been abandoned, but there were still people working inside, as if they were producing products such as glue. One person died on the spot due to the explosion of the oil tank, and the situation of the other person is not clear. Informed sources said that at more than 8:00, three fire engines and one ambulance rushed to the scene to deal with the accident

safety supervision department: the oxygen welding machine cut the oil tank and caused an explosion

at about 10:30 a.m. yesterday (March 23), funeral vehicles rushed to the scene to transport the dead body away. It is learned that the factory involved in the incident belongs to the property of local villagers and is mainly leased to investors for production plants and office purposes, but has been vacant for some time

subsequently, a local safety supervision department told that the explosion occurred because the personnel who purchased waste products cut the oil tank with an oxygen welder while recycling the waste oil tank, resulting in an accident. The cutter was killed on the spot and the other person was injured. The superalloy technology system has been improved and sent to hospital for treatment

according to him, the landlord was going to repair the vacant factory, so he hired a contractor to repair it. The contractor called two waste collectors to collect the items left from the previous rental plant. Unexpectedly, the waste collector cut the oil tank with an oxygen welder, resulting in tragedy

"at that time, there was a guard in the factory who warned the waste collectors not to cut to avoid accidents, but the waste collectors didn't care."

injured person: the lung was blown through and the leg was fractured

it was learned that the injured person in the explosion accident was then sent to Kanghua hospital for treatment

in the Neurosurgery Ward of Kanghua hospital, I saw the injured liyoukui. His face was injured and his right arm and left leg were wrapped in gauze. According to the doctor, the injured person's lung capture device: the electromagnet automatic capture part was blown through, and the leg was fractured. Two operations were required, which was a serious injury

according to the injured relative xujinling, the deceased was his brother xuyunling, and the injured was his brother-in-law. They were from Zhoukou, Henan Province. They had purchased waste products in Dongguan for five years. Unexpectedly, their brother had an accident after arriving at FM. "They have cut steel plates before, but they have not cut oil tanks." He said

xujinling said that after the accident, the landlord went to the hospital to pay the medical expenses

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