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Tianjin kitten wire and cable factory explosion-proof cable model

Tianjin kitten wire and cable factory explosion-proof cable model

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Tianjin kitten cable main products: 13 varieties of wires and cables with more than 8000 specifications, such as plastic copper wire, plastic flexible wire, high-voltage fire-resistant cable, control cable, AC90 aluminum alloy cable, marine cable and rubber sheathed cable. At the same time, we can design and produce fire-retardant, fire-resistant, oil resistant, cold resistant, high temperature resistant and waterproof special wires and cables according to the different needs of users. The products of Tianjin Cable Factory have been exported to the Middle East, Europe, America and Southeast Asia

1. Explosion proof and flame retardant control cable

application scope of control cable: it is applicable to the signal transmission, control and measurement system of electrical instruments and power distribution devices with AC rated voltage (U ○/u) of 450/750v and below in metallurgical, electric power, petrochemical and other industrial and mining enterprises. Its rated voltage is 0.45/0.75kv. Common product models include: zria KVV, zria kyjv, zria kyjvp, zria KVVR, iazr kvvrp, iazr kvvp, iazr kvvp2, iazr kvvp22, iazrkvvp32, zria kvvp; Zrkfv, zrkff, zrkfvp, zrkfvr, Zr kffr, etc. * long term allowable working temperature of cable conductor: 90 ℃ for XLPE insulated cable, 70 ℃ for PVC insulated cable, 77 ℃ for low smoke halogen-free flame retardant polyolefin insulated cable. It is found that the experimental results are significantly different from the usual results by 0 ℃ and 90 ℃, and 150 ℃ ~ 250 ℃ for fluoroplastic insulation. Silicone rubber insulation is ℃ 2. It is resistant to the limited life of human tissues and organs. Flame proof computer cable

scope of application of computer cable: twisted shielded signal cable is one of the special cables for electronic computer system. It is a supporting product urgently needed for modern industrial construction and is widely used in energy industry, metallurgical industry, petroleum In chemical industry, the data structure of inverted file is very simple, and the electronic computers, instruments, various automatic detection equipment and other information transmission and control systems of industrial and other factories, mining enterprises and scientific research departments are completed; It is especially suitable for computer distributed control system to transmit process variable detection, control, analog and digital signals of production devices. Common cable models include: zria djyvp, zria djypvp, zria djyp2vp2, zria djypv22, zria djyp3vp3, zria djyvp32, zria djyp2vp, etc. PVC insulated cable is 70 ℃, XLPE insulated cable is 90 ℃, fluoroplastic insulated cable is 150 ℃ ~ 250 ℃,

3. Flame retardant and explosion-proof coaxial cable

this product flame retardant and explosion-proof video coaxial cable is applicable to signal transmission connection feeders in petroleum, chemical industry, fire control, mining and underground video monitoring systems. This series of flame-retardant and explosion-proof RF coaxial cables must be laid separately. This product is flame retardant and shielding

main technical features

1 The characteristic impedance of iasyv-75 series is 75 ω;

2. The characteristic impedance of iayv-50 series is 50 ω;

3. At 20 ℃, the insulation resistance of the cable shall not be less than 5000m ω· km;

4. The flame retardancy of the cable passes the single vertical burning test

5. Applicable environment and working conditions,

the varieties of explosion-proof cables include control cables, signal cables, computer cables, coaxial RF cables and other ia grades. Under normal working conditions, the explosive gas mixture cannot be ignited in case of one or both faults in the circuit. In type Ia circuit, the working current is limited to less than 100mA, which is suitable for chemical industry and oil refining, thus affecting the accuracy of experimental data, ships, etc

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